Fall So Far…

I know I have done a poor toenail painting job. Don’t judge. I can barely reach my (swollen) feet these days.

I love fall.

There is the dry, cool weather which I absolutely adore. I am discovering the joys of long walks again. Evening walks are magical this season.

There is the comfort food I look forward to all year long. There is cider, spiced pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie (time in the kitchen feels like an aromatherapy session). Soon there will be turkey and stuffing (yum!). I have been obsessed with pumpkin butter lately. My drink of choice has been cold, cold homemade sparkling cider.

Then there are the more sentimental aspects. The blog birthday. The elections. My smart, beautiful, funny daughter’s birthday. And soon there will be my son’s birthday (did I just say my son? It feels so strange!). Yes, soon I will be the mother of two fall babies! The season is about to get even more special.



I am thankful for so many things this fall. The simple things that life is made of.


Some of my favorite things this fall:
Brooch the Subject nail polish
Infinity Hand-knit scarf
Isosceles Necklace
This t-shirt!

What are your favorite things this season?



15 Responses to “Fall So Far…”

  1. 1

    Monique — 10/22/2012 @ 5:34 pm

    You look beautiful:-)

  2. 2

    Nisrine — 10/22/2012 @ 6:02 pm

    Thanks, Monique!

  3. 3

    Vera — 10/23/2012 @ 2:08 am

    Pregnancy adds wonderful depth to your beauty. Wishing you all the best!

    • Nisrine replied: — October 23rd, 2012 @ 4:03 pm

      Thank you, Vera!

  4. 4

    Eha — 10/23/2012 @ 3:06 am

    A wonderful photo to have and to hold of you two :) ! Being 100km away from water, when all my life I have lived next to it like you, makes me just that tad envious but happy for you and your long cool evening walks!

    • Nisrine replied: — October 23rd, 2012 @ 4:09 pm

      Definitely a plus to live near water, more so by the ocean! I understand your longing. Have a wonderful week! :)

  5. 5

    dottieb — 10/23/2012 @ 5:35 am

    What a beautiful picture! You are such a lovely expectant mother!

    • Nisrine replied: — October 23rd, 2012 @ 4:04 pm

      Thank you so much, Dottie!

  6. 6

    Laura — 10/23/2012 @ 7:08 am

    I love your blog, just have no words how nice its put together, picture, thoughts and recipes . Thank you for sharing .

    • Nisrine replied: — October 23rd, 2012 @ 4:05 pm

      Laura, you’re very kind. Glad you’re enjoying!

  7. 7

    Oriane — 10/23/2012 @ 7:42 am

    Quelle jolie Maman!

    Here in Arizona everyone is anxious for Fall. After summer temperatures of 115 we are ready for outdoor activities. It’s fall gardening time at our house and I’ve started harvesting new arugula and lettuce. The Humming Birds are busy fueling up for their migration; everything is alive again.
    I do miss the ocean but there is beauty in the desert.

    Have a happy fall season.


    • Nisrine replied: — October 23rd, 2012 @ 4:06 pm

      Merci, Oriane. Enjoy the cool weather too (while it lasts!).

  8. 8

    Barbara | Creative Culinary — 10/23/2012 @ 8:49 am

    You do look beautiful, serene might be the word I thought. What a glorious time for you.

    • Nisrine replied: — October 23rd, 2012 @ 4:06 pm

      This is a indeed a very special time. Thanks, Barbara.

  9. 9

    Kiran @ KiranTarun.com — 10/24/2012 @ 1:11 am

    You are one gorgeous mama! Enjoy fall and your nail polish is perfect. Don’t fret :)

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