6 Best Cheese Slicers for 2022 (Do Read Before Buying)

We all know that cheese is one of the best food, especially when served in varieties. It is a must-have in your kitchen and can be added to other dishes. Why cheese need to be cut?

In the market of today, the size of which cheese is bought isn’t always what we want. Sometimes we want it smaller, and sometimes we want to keep some for future use.

Whichever the case may be, cheese has to be sometimes cut, which brings us to this topic. In this review, We will be selecting and reviewing different cheese slicers in a detailed manner so that you can easily pick. Here it comes

Best Cheese Slicers Reviewed

1. Bellemain Adjustable Cheese Slicer

Bellemain Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer - Hand Held Cheese Cutter for Cheddar, Gruyere, Raclette, Mozzarella Cheese Block, Adjustable Cheese Shaver, Thick & Thin Slicer, Cheese Curler (Silver)
  • THE ADJUSTABLE WIRE CUTTER DELIVERS CONTROL INTO YOUR HANDS: Rugged stainless steel wire cuts beautiful slices to the perfect thickness. Thick, thin or even paper-thin slices - it’s up to you. The Bellemain Cheese Slicer lets you have it your way
  • CHEESE TRAYS, ANTIPASTI AND FANCY GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES: Stop wasting money on pre-sliced cheese. Never serve those pre-wrapped, plasticky cheese slices on your child’s sandwiches again. Slicing your own cheese has never been easier.
  • THE MOST ELEGANT SLICER ON THE MARKET IS ALSO THE STRONGEST: Cast from a single piece of zinc alloy, the Bellemain Cheese Slicer is one heavy duty piece of of kitchen equipment. It is guaranteed to last for years to come.
  • EASILY HANDLES CHEESE BLOCKS UP TO 3.5” WIDE: Adjust the slicer to give you wafer thin slices or nice, chunky slices up to ¼” thick. No matter the thickness, the Bellemain Slicer handles the cheese with ease.

Sometimes we want to make the cheese look fancier. The Bellemain Adjustable Cheese Slicer does just what you need. It has an adjustable dial so that you can adjust and pick the size you want your cheese end product to look like. Not only can the Bellemain handle cheese, but it can also handle burgers, sandwiches, and crackers.

The thickness dial was made to handle ranges of thickness from paper-thin to as big as a quarter-inch thick. The good thing about using a cheese slicer in the stead of a knife is that the sizes also come out equal, this cheese slicer does this so efficiently.

The body is made up of zinc alloy, making it a wonderful piece that does not stop it from working effortlessly and smoothly. It’s a must-have in your kitchen.

It is also very durable that the cutting wire doesn’t need to be sharpened before reuse; it is ever ready, unlike knives that go blunt after a while.

If you ever need to replace the cutting wires, there are TWO replacement wires added, so you don’t run Helter skelter. Having this piece in your kitchen is a very viable option because we rest assured it would last you for years. There is a 1-year guarantee on the product which gives us complete assurance that we are getting a good deal.

The Bellemain Adjustable Cheese Slicer also comes with a manual that teaches you how to use it extensively, definitely a product you should consider.


  • Two top-quality Stainless Steel Blades working simultaneously
  • A responsive adjustable dial
  • Easy handling
  • Very durable

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2. Mueller Austria Premium Slicer

MuellerLiving Mandoline Slicer for Kitchen, Adjustable Vegetable Chopper, Fruit, Cheese Grater, Potato Chips Slicer - White
  • Adjustable Slicer – Cuts evenly every time! Slide fruits or vegetables along the blades for fast meal prep. Easier than a knife as a vegetable chopper.
  • Includes 5× Blades – Blades evenly cut onions, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, apples, and more. Use as a cheese slicer, grater and as a julienne shredder.
  • Safety Food Pusher – Prepare your food, then use the food pusher to move it over the blades. Secure it by holding the handle. Perfect for home and kitchen.
  • Fast Prep Options – Replace bulky food processors with our slim food slicer! (1) Unfold the legs then slice food onto a cutting board; or (2) fold the legs and slice directly in a bowl or plate.
  • Change Thickness – Changing blades and adjusting slice size is easy. Twist the knob dial for thickness (1-9 mm) or julienne size (6 mm to 9 mm). Top-rack dishwasher safe. Made in China.

By now, we are all tired of investing our money on cheap, low-quality gadgets that lie useless after a few days or weeks. The Muella Austria Premium Slicer is engineered to last long while still perfectly replacing the conventional knives.

Unlike other low-quality blades, this slicer is made with five sharp stainless steel blades to make sure it slices easily. The blades can be used for a variety of purposes, from slicing to grating to julienne, you’re covered.

The Mueller Austria Premium Slicer is FDA and LFGB approved because the plastic is totally nontoxic and BPA free making sure you and your family are guaranteed a healthy meal.

This premium slicer also has a thickness dial that enables you to adjust the size at which you want to cut, A perfect gadget for both your personal kitchen and your restaurant

It’s almost impossible to get the quality you get from this product from other products. It is a high-quality machine that is built to work without it eating too deep into your wallet, and it is very unlikely you will not like the Muella Austria Premium Slicer.


  • Versatile and can be used for different purposes
  • Easy to clean and doesn’t corrode easily
  • Made of High-quality Stainless Steel
  • Perfect pricing compared to its uses

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3. Prodyne Bamboo Cheese Slicer

Prodyne - 126-B Prodyne Bamboo Cheese Slicer, 12" x 6"
  • 12" x 6" Bamboo two-tones cheese slicer
  • Replaceable stainless steel cutting wire
  • Non-slip feet protect tabletops
  • Exclusive Prodyne Design

The Prodyne Bamboo is a cheese slicer kitchen assistant with a minimalist design. It is made of clean bamboo and a stainless steel cutting wire slicer that can be used to cut cheese into lovely sizes with ease. The cutting wire is also replaceable even though there is a lifetime warranty against wire breakage.

This premium cheese slicer was selected because of its handiness. It is effortless to clean, easy to store, and can be carried around in a box. It is perfect for your home use and is made up of ABS safe material.

It is a two-tone slicer with inches 12 as length and six as breadth. This exclusive design also has the Nonslip feature, which doesn’t make it fall off tables when working with them.

Despite having a small look, this slicer also has a dial that makes you adjust the size of the output of what you’re cutting. Cleaning also isn’t a problem.

It is dishwasher compatible and can just be placed under running water. We basically love this product because its design is so sleek and it’s very efficient.


  • Small and yet powerful
  • Dishwasher compatible
  • Replaceable cutting wire
  • Thickness adjustment dial for specific size cutting.


  • It might not be easy cutting larger objects.

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4. Cambom Manual Cheese Grater 

Rotary Cheese Grater Shredder Chopper Round Tumbling Box Mandoline Slicer Nut Grinder for Vegetable, Hash Brown, Potato with 3 Sharp Drums Blades and Strong Suction Base by Valuetool
  • 🎁SAFE ROTARY CHEESE SLICER: This round drum slicer blades are made from high quality stainless steel, other parts are made from food grade BPA free plastic. No need electricity, inter blades and no contacting blades with hand.
  • 🎁HUMANITY DESIGN CHEESE GRATER: A strong suction base grips securely to CLEAN and SMOOTH countertop for effortless chopping. The round drum slicer sits diagonally, so the grated pieces fall out from the rotary cheese grater by themselves and make no clogging. 3 round sharp blades include a slicing blade, a coarse shredding blade and a fine shredding blade.
  • 🎁MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS VEGETABLE SLICER: Mandoline Slicer is great for cheese, vegetables, potatoes, nuts, onions for coleslaw, hash browns, salad, pizza toppings and more with this hand-powered rotary grater.
  • 🎁MANUAL and HIGH EFFICIENTLY: with this rotary vegetable slicer, you can get food preparation more efficiently with minimum effort. 360 degree roller cuts foods all the time when you crank the handle. Shaking 1 circle equals to cut 12 times.
  • 🎁SPACE SAVING AND EASY CLEANING: Performs the tasks of multiple kitchen tools in one, this round vegetable slicer takes up a little cupboard and bench space. The nut crusher is easy to be disassembles for easy clean. You can just clean it under the running water.

The Cambom cheese slicer is a manual grater that is made up of stainless steel for the blades and BPA free plastic. This means that using this product; you are sure that your food is coming out healthy.

It was also built with our safety and the family’s safety in mind; that is why there isn’t any contact with any blades for it to work. Neither does it need electricity to function.

The Nonslip feature is also achieved with suction-based grips making it grip well to tabletops and surfaces. This means that there would not be any form of slipping while cleaning this product or while using it. It is made up of a slicing blade, two sharp blades, a fine shredding blade, and a coarse shredding blade.

It is also known for its versatility and efficiency as it can be used for slicing cheese, vegetables, potatoes, nuts, onions for coleslaw, hash browns, salad, pizza toppings, and many more.

This is because it’s a 360-degree roller that consistently cut food whenever you crank the handle, and it is calculated that whenever you crank the handle, 12 cuts are made simultaneously.

Cleaning also is not a problem because it is easily dismantled and can be washed thoroughly before storing or reuse. We also noted that a user manual comes with it and dismantling it is explained in detail. It is also dishwasher compatible, easing us of the stress of disassembling and cleaning underwater.

Storing this product is very easy as it takes up just a little cupboard and a bench space, making it perfect for both your household use and commercial use. Getting the Cambom manual grater is definitely a good asset a person should consider buying.


  • Versatile and can be used to cut a variety of foods.
  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Durable Construction
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to clean
  • Our safety was put into consideration

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5. Westmark Heavy Duty Cheese Slicer

Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer Angle Adjustable (Grey),7" x 3.9" x 0.2" -
  • MADE IN GERMANY HIGH QUALITY KITCHENWARE: Westmark’s Wire Cheese Slicer is among the best in the world and is rated to be one of the best KITCHENWARE brands available today. Thickness of slices varies from the angle at which the slicer is held.
  • MATERIAL: Each product is made using a high quality stainless steel wire with a high quality cast aluminum handle. See below for more details.
  • EASY AND READY TO USE: This easy to use product slices not only your soft and semi hard cheeses, but can adjust the thickness of your slices by modifying the angle at which you hold the product. Equipped with an ergonomic handle, Westmark’s product is efficient and comfortable to use.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply use soap and water to clean the product.
  • Backed by Westmark for 5 years.

Many of us love cooking and preparing different delicacies with cheese, and we should be able to do them without much stress of cutting cheese with a knife.

The West mark company boasts that they produce the most functional kitchen tools, and they back it up with their very quality products.

The Westmark heavy duty cheese slicer is one of them. The Westmark company has a name of providing quality for the past 50 years, and they didn’t drop their standard on this product.

The body of this slicer is made of casted aluminum metal while the wire is made of premium stainless steel. It is also very comfortable to both hold and use. The blades are 4 inches wide, which fits most blocks of cheese.

It can be used to cut cheese into different sizes for use both commercially and in the household. We also found that the roller is made of very high quality compared to other slicers. This is definitely a product that is worth buying.

Storing it isn’t usually a problem because it has a hang hole to be used to hang it on the wall, or it can easily be put into a tool bag to be carried around. There is no type of cheese that the Westmark slicer isn’t capable of handling. From mozzarella to cheddar, it is very capable of giving you the perfect cut for each slice.

Thickness dial? The thickness dial depends on how you hold the slicer. Hold it at a flatter level, and it’d produce thinner slices and hold it at a more significant depth, and it would produce thicker slices for your use

The Westmark company also advised us not to wash this product using a dishwasher probably because it would corrode, but it doesn’t really change much; it is a good slicer. Washing by hand is what is recommended and a guarantee of five years is given on the product.


  • Top-quality stainless steel wire.
  • Designs that last long.
  • Thickness Control Dial to get the perfect thickness you need
  • Versatility because it can be used to cut different foods.
  • Safe to use


  • A dishwasher should not be used to wash it.

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6. Norpro Cheese Slicer 

Norpro Heavy Duty Adjustable Cheese Slicer
  • After using this cheese slicer, pre-sliced cheese from grocery stores will be a thing of the past!
  • Easily adjusts for thick or thin slices depending on your preference. Consistently cut evenly and easily every time!
  • Perfect for parties when serving cheese platters or sandwiches for lunch.
  • Includes extra stainless steel cutting wire!
  • Made of heavy duty zinc alloy.

The Norpro cheese slicer is known for its durability. In 1973, the Norpro company started the design, manufacturing, and supply of high caliber kitchenware, and since there, they have not stopped producing quality.

The Norpro cheese slicer makes clean and consistent cuts every time. The body is made of heavy-duty zinc alloy while the wire is made of premium stainless steel.

In case the wire begins to develop issues, there is an extra stainless steel cutting wire including in the package, and it is easily replaceable. A manual comes with it, so there you would be guided on how to replace it quickly.

Also, to cut cheese into bigger sizes, you have to adjust it manually from your hand just like other manual slicers: the flatter your hand, the thinner the slices, and the more angle your hand has, the bigger it is.

Want to clean after use? Easy! We recommend you use your hands to wash it and not a dishwasher because this product is not dishwasher compatible. It might corrode the stainless steel wires and make your cheese not healthy anymore.

Getting cheese that is already sliced from the grocery store is now a thing of the past because, with this slicer, you can easily cut your cheese into any shape and size you want and implement in your delicacy.


  • Easy to clean
  • Made of top-quality cast zinc and stainless steel
  • Comes with five years warranty
  • Dishwasher safe


  • It is not Dishwasher compatible

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Best Cheese Slicer Buyer’s Guide

We understand that picking a premium cheese slicer could be a serious task, and this is why we made this guide. The truth is that the slicer you need pretty much depends on your needs. You might have cheese cuts in mind or might be on a budget only to cut cheese.

You might also have specific needs, or you need it for the household or commercial use. This is why, even with our recommendation, it is better to make a draft of what your needs are before investing in a cheese cutter.

Here are a few of the essential factors that you should bear in mind before you purchase a meat slicer:


As you have already seen in this guide, slicers come from materials ranging from bamboo to aluminum to stainless steels that are durable and efficient. Each one of them has its unique properties.

The main concern you’ll like to consider while trying to get one of these products is mainly the durability and the efficiency in the meat slicer you wish to buy and if it meets your needs. This mainly answers the question, what features are built into them.


We understand that your pocket matters a lot to you, but the hard truth is that you’ll have to invest some good money into a premium quality cheese slicer.

There are so many scam products out there that promise heaven and Earth but won’t last you, or they are made from BPA materials that would harm your health.

Usually, a good cheese slicer can be gotten below $75, and as a matter of fact, most of the premium slicers mentioned in the guide above can be gotten below $75.


The performance of your electric slicer should be something you should consider when purchasing. We personally feel we should always pick a slicer that is versatile and durable so that the product doesn’t begin to develop issues in the long run.

We recommend the Cambom manual cheese grater when it comes to performance because it is known to have very high performance and is highly durable.


The ease of cleaning is another main feature we always consider before investing in a good cheese slicer. Usually, we want a product that can be disassembled and washed thoroughly before storage or reuse.

Even though most of the cutter can be put under running water and it becomes clear, some slicers do not come apart, making it difficult to clean the crannies.

You should avoid this kind of slicer. Having said these, most of the slicer mentioned in the guide are dishwasher compatible, so we earnestly advise you to pick one of the slicers discussed above.


If the cheese slicer is electric is something that needs to be put into consideration when buying a cheese slicer. We do not advise you to get an electric slicer because it could become hazardous as time goes on.

We would be dealing with water so much, and we don’t want our family members in electrical hazards. Having said that, electrical slicers have their advantages, like being easy to operate. You should pick one that suits how careful you are in your household or your restaurant.

Best Cheese Slicer FAQs

Q1: What should be the thinnest slices a slicer should slice?

Usually, regular slicers can slice into as small as 1/16 so this shouldn’t really be a problem.

Q2: Where should my Slicer be made from?

Most of the slicers are made from China while a few are made from the US but it doesn’t usually matter where it is made from. All you have to do is check the specifications before so that you would know what you are getting into and also know if it suits your needs. Other than that, we haven’t really found that slicers from specific countries are specifically bad or good.

Q3: How wide should my slicer be before I buy it?

This should not be a problem because most cheese slicers would do perfectly fine. Having said that, there are some slicers that offer less than the regular 4 inches, you should stay away from them.

Q4: Must it be dishwasher compatible?

A dishwasher isn’t always the best to clean cheese slicers because water can get into the wrong places and corrosion might occur. The advised way of cleaning cheese slicers is to just put it under running water so wash thoroughly.

This doesn’t change the fact that using a dishwasher is very easy and can be used when you are stressed. You just risk damaging it and should always check to know if your slicer is dishwasher compatible before purchasing it.


Having said all these, we have come to the end of this guide on picking the Best Cheese Slicer. We have chosen the Westmark heavy duty cheese slicer as our top pick.

We chose this particular Premium cheese slicer because it is very versatile and can serve many purposes. Here are the top reasons we feel it’s the best in the market today.

  • Made of High-Quality Stainless Steel Blade wire
  • It has a Built-In Sharpener
  • It has a waterproof On and Off Switch & Skid-Proof Rubber Feets
  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • Dishwasher-compatible.
  • It is very versatile because it can cut not just cheese but other foods too.
  • It has durable and lasts long.

I hope this detailed guide would help you make a choice on what cheese slicer you should invest in. Regards.

Jennifer Dumas

My name is Jennifer! Welcome to Dinners and Dreams. My goal here is to encourage you to try out recipes you never thought you could make at home. Furthermore, I also review products that I have used in the past or currently using to make every day buying decisions easier and to ensure you get the best value for your money.

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