Best Home Food Processor – Top 5 Choices of the Year 2022


Outsourcing – it spread like a plague in the industry and the average consumer has no way of knowing what’s going on with a particular product.

Now even more, in 2022, the increasing number of options you have for home food processors make it even harder to choose. Here comes me, to the rescue!

Best Home Food Processor for 2022

Why would you trust me?

Good question -one that I would ask as well. Let me get into that for a second.

  1. I worked as a Quality Assurance Manager with one of the more prominent brands of small home appliances for over years before I became a mom and decided that corporate life is not for me.
  2. Since then, I am running this blog, writing product reviews using my experience, my contacts in the industry and, above all, customer reviews from all around the web so that I can stay on top of everything.

Basically – I am doing the groundwork, so you don’t have to.

I know the industry inside out – YOU CAN CONSIDER ME YOUR INSIDER.

But we’ll get back to my rating methods, later on, let me reverse things here and present the winners right away and then explain how they deserved their place on this list:

So, you have your results of the “food processor Olympics” right here.

What the Review Includes:

  1. Explain how I picked the winners
  2. Get into digest reviews of all the food processors features on the list to see what’s so good about them

How I pick the winners:

1. Over the years of writing food processor reviews, I’ve developed simple formulas to do the first step – rate the product based on customer reviews. I start by going through all customer reviews I can find and assign ratings (1 to 5) for each of the relevant reviews in the following categories:

  • Materials
  • Price
  • Diversity
  • Durability
  • Design

2. I do a background check on all the products making sure that there are no changes in the manufacturing process that can affect the quality of the product.

3. I remove all the products that are outsourced to shady locations that I know will interfere with the quality of the food processor.

4. I come up with an Overall Quality Rating (average rating of all the criteria).

5. I keep track of everything in an Excel sheet, then sort the sheet by Overall Quality Rating and voila – we have our winners.

6. I revisit steps 2-5 weekly.

7. I revisit step 1 on a bimonthly basis and go through the new reviews and change the list accordingly.

I admit, it is a dull process, but it’s worth it because the result is RELIABLE and ALWAYS up to date.

Why looking at only the customer reviews is not good enough

Imagine this – you take a look at customer reviews online, and you say: “Boy, this is a great product, 4.5 stars from hundreds/thousands of reviews.”

But think about this – some of these reviews are written years ago, and there’s a good chance things have changed a lot since then. What if the food processor manufacturing has been outsourced to a shady location in China or Thailand in the meantime.

If this happens – you are wasting your money led by the false feeling that you are getting the best.

What this means for you

It means that what you find on this page is just FRESH, CONSTANTLY UPDATED INFORMATION and that if you go with any product you see on my lists, you can hardly go wrong.

I started this website in 2012 and have been tweaking this system to get as close to perfect as one can.

It might sound like bragging, but it’s not, I am just describing the process so that you can fully understand it and be comfortable about using my reviews to make an informed decision.

Enough about that, let’s move on to taking a closer look at all the babies listed here:

Best Home Use Food Processors Reviewed

Here’s what we’ll do in this section of the guide. For each of the products listed we’ll:

  1. Take a look at the basic fact sheet – what the company is saying about their product
  2. Take a look at the most relevant reviews by end users – both PROS and CONS
  3. I’ll give you my resume and an Overall Quality Rating

Digging in.

1. Cuisinart DLC-2011CHB Prep Brushed Stainless digest review

The fact sheet – specifications:

  • North American quality standards followed
  • the bowl is made of Lexan polycarbonate, it’s shatterproof and safe to use in a dishwasher
  • versatile disc choices – chopping, shredding, mixing, and slicing discs
  • automatic adjustment of speed to ensure even processing of the food
  • innovative bread dough making disc
  • the feed tube is wide enough to hold fruits and wedges without pre-cutting
  • 5-year warranty on the motor and 3-year warranty on the whole product
  • free of BPA chemicals
  • add-ons included – large and small pusher, spatula, compact cover, a recipe book, instructional videos on a DVD

What are the users saying – the PROs:

  • Very versatile, it cut my lunch prep time in half.
  • It’s my third food processor and by far the best, so powerful and yet very quiet.
  • Friendliest customer service ever.
  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • Chops everything it gets its discs on with ease. It completely powdered 1 pound of hard cheese in 5-6 seconds.
  • After a year, I have zero complaints. It was worth every buck.
  • It’s such a relief that I can just put it in the dishwasher and forget about cleaning.
  • Since I got this thing, no prepping or pre-cutting for me, it made my life so much easier.
  • Chops very evenly, no chunks at the side of the bowl like with my old Kenwood.

The CONs the users are reporting:

  • I wish I could choose the color.
  • My bowl cracked after just a few months. I am returning this thing…
  • I feel like that some of the attachment is there for decoration, I regularly use something like 3 or 4 of them…

My Review

If the old saying: “I can’t afford to buy cheap stuff” was ever true it’s in today’s jungle of a market.

Great investment – this one is for life.

Overall Quality Score of 4.8 out of 5 says it all.

2. Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef

One the best-looking food processors on the market – Breville Sous Chef, let’s “dismantle it and put it back together ” and see why it deserved its place on the list…

The Specs:

  • highest standards regulated by North America followed
  • versatile discs (5 of them all multifunctional) plus 3 blades
  • very wide tube (5.5 inches) eliminates the need for pre-cutting
  • tested for the presence of BPA chemicals – proven safety
  • automatic LCD timer (with a count up and countdown timer)
  • included two bowls – a large one (16 cups) and a small one (2.5 cups)
  • easy storage – safe to store both vertically and horizontally
  • color choices

The most relevant positive reviews of the users – PROs:

  • super sturdy and amazingly quiet.
  • I am a chef, and I have two of these lookers, one for my restaurant and one for my home…
  • Great to look at, it’s the centerpiece in my kitchen.
  • I am a cautious shopper, and I researched for days before getting this food processor…it’s worth every penny I spent.
  • So easy to use and clean.
  • It works great on anything from salads to ice.
  • It’s my 2nd food processor, and even though the two are in the same price range, the Sous Chef is a whole level above.
  • You can see how well it’s made right out of the box.

Some of the negative reviews:

  • the small bowl is practically useless to me.
  • I didn’t expect it to be as bulky. It takes too much space.
  • My previous processor was so much better with the dough.

My Review

Overall Quality Rating of 4.6 out of 5 with two points deducted for price and diversity.

With the Sous Chef, Breville tried to make a product that will find its place both in homes and restaurant kitchen, hence the price tag.

One of the best home food processors, no doubt about that, but with a price to match.

3. Cuisinart DFP-14BCN

Another entry from Cuisinart. There are no favorites here, and I don’t even accept products sent to me for reviews, but the statistics have spoken.

The fact sheet:

  • built following the North American standards
  • one of the most powerful motors in a home food processor (720 W)
  • 14 cups shatterproof Lexan bowl
  • the on/off and pulse button separated
  • completely dishwasher safe – even the included parts
  • wide tube for ease of use
  • comes with a spatula, instructional videos and food processor recipe book

The PROs as per the product users:

  • The best investment I made last year, it works just as advertised.
  • It chops the food evenly, leaves no lumps on the sides.
  • Great for baby food.
  • Easy to put together and store.
  • It’s a huge time saver. You get these things to do just that, but with my old Braun, I still needed to pre-cut food. In this one, the tube is super wide, so that eliminates the problem.
  • I wasn’t hoping to use it so much for dough making, but it’s just perfect for the task, everything from pizza to bread and cookie dough.
  • before getting it and seeing the motor power, I was afraid that it might bounce around the and I would need to hold it in place. Those little vacuum things at the bottom keep it firmly in place.

Now for some of the CONS:

  • It’s advertised as 14 oz volume, but that’s not the case, there’s a maximum marker on the bowl that advises you never to fill it. I hate false advertising.
  • It won’t start unless you place the bowl perfectly, it can get frustrating.

My Review

Well-thought-through and well-made food processor. A real eye candy, too.

Over Quality Rating of 4.6 / 5.

One point deducted for design (one too many instances of seeing reports of trouble with fitting the bowl into place) and durability since I’ve seen reports of the bowl giving in after a while.

But, 4.6 stars at that price point is still amazing.

Just as good as some products out there that cost twice as much.

4. KitchenAid FP-12BK Elite Collection

If you are asking me, this is the best looking food processor on the list. With all the color choices, it looks like bubble gum.

But that’s just me, even if I was to have a kitchen that was all grays, blacks, and metal I would want something to stand out. And, if something, this one does stand out.

But if you were to presume that this girlish-looking piece belongs in a college dorm, you would be wrong. It packs a strong 700 W motor and chops and dices just as good as any other entry on this list.

One insider piece of info I can offer you here is that I heard they discontinued this model and are only selling what’s left in stock – just something to think about if you like it.

Let’s look at the facts and user opinions:

The specifications:

  • as mentioned above, it features a 700 Watt motor
  • effectively does anything from chopping to shredding ice
  • bowls are virtually unbreakable (polycarbonate)
  • extra wide tube easily fits veggies as big as whole large tomatoes
  • the sealed housing is made for quiet operation

The main PROs as reported by users:

  • Still as good as the days I bought it, and it was 2011.
  • You don’t even notice when it’s on, amazingly quiet.
  • Just the right size for smaller kitchen areas.
  • It seemed expensive, but after 6 months of use, I forget the few dozen extra bucks I spent.
  • it works just as advertised.

The CONs from the mouth of the users:

  • My lid broke after just two months of use.
  • Get this – the motor broke, and I had to send it for diagnosis, this alone cost me $50, and I am not even sure if they will be able to fix it.

My Review

This food processor was rated as “the best” few years in a row by Kitchen Test. You might not be aware of it, but it’s a big deal, take my word on it.

Overall Quality Rating of 4.7 stars from me. Two points deducted for diversity (this is pretty much self – explanatory) and materials used (absence of steel).

To sum up – it is worth every dollar it costs.

5. Cuisinart DLC-XPBCN Classic 20-Cup Food Processor

Luxurious, big, pricey, powerful. If I could personally afford this one, I wouldn’t hesitate. Just as good as the first entry on this list, only bigger, much bigger – 20 cups of volume.

If you can spare the money and you entertain and have people over a lot for lunches and dinners, this is the one processor to take a closer look at.

I try to stay away from saying these kinds of things – telling somebody to get something, but I am making an exception for this 20-cup eye candy.

The good news is that at the moment of writing this guide – it was on a considerable discount, and it sometimes is. I think it’s because they don’t sell many of these at retail price.

Let’s take a closer look:

Basic facts:

  • The volume of 20 cups!
  • one of the most versatile food processors – no real need to list the discs here, you name it – it has it
  • size: 17″ high and with a base of 12 x 8.5″
  • both bowls and accessories are dishwasher safe
  • 5 years motor warranty, 3 years on the whole unit

Let’s see what the users are saying:

The PROs:

  • Fast and reliable, I have the feeling that this processor is for life. Around the house we call it The Captain.
  • I wanted this processor for years, and now that I finally decided that I deserve it, I don’t have a single regret.
  • once of those things that, once you get it, can’t imagine your life without it.
  • I already had an excellent Breville processor, and this robust thing cut my prep time by at least 30%. It’s expensive but worth every dime.
  • It’s to processors what Lamborghini is to cars.

The CONs:

  • the cord could be a bit longer.

My Review

What can one say about a thing like this, apart from envying the people who can afford it?

Overall Quality Rating of 4.8 out 5.

You guessed it – one point deducted for the price.

Final Thoughts

This guide is updated continuously to make sure that the processors listed here really are the best of the best for home use.

I hope I offered some clarity and cleared out a few dilemmas here.

If you have any questions or additional dilemmas, use the comment section or email me with anything that comes to mind.

Take care!

Jennifer Dumas

My name is Jennifer! Welcome to Dinners and Dreams. My goal here is to encourage you to try out recipes you never thought you could make at home. Furthermore, I also review products that I have used in the past or currently using to make every day buying decisions easier and to ensure you get the best value for your money.

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