Best Juicers – Top Juicer Machines in 2022 Reviewed

All the juicer machine reviews on this website follow this statistical model. They are updated and compared with the latest juicers from 2022 to keep you up to date!

Here’s what you can expect in this review:

  • Right at the start, we’ll present ONE WINNER in all the different categories of juicers machines, based on customer reviews
  • We’ll dig deeper into the different types of juicers, presenting the 3 winners in each category (masticating, centrifugal, etc.)
  • We’ll take a closer look into each of these products, their fact sheet and the main PROs and CONs from the user reviews

Let’s get right into it. We have a lot of ground to cover:

But which juicer machine is right for your needs?

Let us move on and get some clarity and eliminate some of the most critical dilemmas. I am guessing you are still confused about the differences, advantages, and flaws of all these juicer machines types.

Here’s a bold claim for you – by the end of this page, all that will be gone. I will show you which of the types will be best for your specific set of needs.

Types of juicers machines

Masticating Juicers (single gear)

If you come across a word auger, don’t get confused, it means the same as gear. Take a calm approach and don’t be dazzled with all the fancy terms, I’ll teach you how to look at stuff that matters.

What is a masticating juicer machine?

The word masticating comes from Greek and Latin words “masticatus” and “mastichan” which mean pretty much the same thing – TO CHEW.

It’s what these types of juicers do to food. They “chew” it and break its cells.

Advantages of a masticating juicer machine:

  • more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, in general, end up in the juice
  • versatile – works great on anything from the hardest to softest food – from beets to wheatgrass, from ice creams to baby food
  • less foamy juice and less heat created
  • increased life of your appliance because of the slow speeds

Drawbacks of a masticating juicer machine:

  • Slower compared to some of the other types

Here are our winners in the category of traditional masticating juicers:


Let’s look at each of these products separately to get a better feel. Let’s see what they’re all about and how they got to this list of winners:

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Fact sheet of the juicer:

  • powerful motor and very easy to use and clean
  • 80 Revolution Per Minute (RPM) results in minimal to no foaming or clogging
  • voltage – 110
  • very quiet operation
  • certificates – UL and cUL approved
  • size – 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 “
  • warranty of 15 years
  • juicer screen pre-installed

Some of the PROs as reported by users:

  • I’ve been juicing for over 20 years, and this Omega is the best juicer I ever had.
  • Cheaper juicers I had ended up costing me more since I was going through them like crazy. I had zero problems with this one after 3 years of use.
  • It just squeezes the life out of everything I put in it.
  • It looks great.

The CONs:

  • My old centrifugal juicer was much better with soft fruit.

My Review

Overall quality rating of 4.8 / 5.

Let’s not forget that this rating is based on customer reviews, and based on that. It seems that this is one of the top 3 juicers on the market today.

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center

The specifications:

  • commercial quality, slow single gear juicer
  • RPM – 80, with almost no foaming/clogging
  • no heating
  • easy to put together, use, and even easier to clean
  • size: 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
  • full 15-year warranty

Some of the PROs from the user reviews of the juicer:

  • The best value for money on the market and this is my 4th juicer, so I know what I’m talking about.
  • I love how easy it is to use and clean.
  • Perfect for lazy juicers like me, since it’s so easy to use.

CONs from customer reviews:

  • the design is kind of outdated.

My Resume

Overall Quality Rating of 4.6 / 5, very close to it’s “big bro” (the J8006).

Upright Masticating Juicers

The same thing as a classic masticating juicer, the only difference being that these juicers are space-savers – same technology and approach to juicing with a twist in design. The word “upright” in the title here says it all.

The advantages are the same as to those of a classic masticating juicer with one added -SPACE SAVED on your kitchen top.

So, let’s get straight to our winner in the category.


A more in-depth look at our winners in the category:

Breville BJS600XL Slow Juicer

The specs:

  • designed to extract the maximum from fruits and vegetables
  • powerful motor (240W), yet very quiet
  • direction control – no lodging of the fruits in the screw
  • automatic purify feature – maximized yield and easy cleaning
  • very small for its power – 8.5 x 7.5 x 16 “
  • warranty – full 1 year

Most relevant PROs from customer reviews:

  • I’ve seen some serious issues with the augers getting stuck in my previous juicer. None of that with this Breville after a year of everyday use.
  • The bigger holes on the screen make it so much easier to clean compared to my old centrifugal juicer.
  • It works great for greens.

The CONs from the customer reviews:

  • The thing that extracts the pulp clogs when you are working with larger batches of food.
  • When compared to my Omega, this juicer is a joke. I have this at my mom’s house for when I visit with my baby, and it’s a pain – the pulp tube is smaller and so much harder to clean than the Omega

My Review

Overall Quality Rating of 4.7 / 5. The upright design and space saving does call for some sacrifices (like the smaller tube for pulp separation), but with these things, it all comes down to your needs.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000S

The basic fact sheet:

  • first-ever slow juicer to feature a wide mouth, no precutting – use of whole veggies and fruits
  • patented juicing technology (they call it JMSC) unique to the model
  • designed to be eco-friendly and safe for kids, even the parts
  • power of the motor is a fantastic 240W
  • special tools for easy cleaning included as well as a recipe book and strainer
  • strainer for smoothies sold separately

PROs chosen from the customer reviews:

  • Amazingly little foam and dry, well-separated pulp.
  • A piece of eye candy, it’s now a centerpiece in my kitchen.
  • I know I paid big bucks for this juicer, but I just had enough of choosing a new juicer every year or so…after 3 and a half years of everyday usage and no issue, I am so glad I got this Kuving.
  • My primary reason for getting this was how quiet it is. I saw it at a friend’s house and immediately thought about how great it would be to be able to work it while my twins are asleep…

CONs the consumers had to share:

  • If you are processing larger batches, after a while, the pulp starts to find it’s way into the juice.
  • It’s way too pricey.

My Review

Overall Quality Rating is 4.5 / 5. Looking at the list of the compiled review ratings I can tell you that its main weakness is the price.

It’s a great juicer machine, no doubt, but with a price to match.

Type 3: Triturating or twin-gear juicers

Triturating (two gear) juicers are the priciest juicers for home use. Naturally, they have some advantages that justify the price but only look into these if you are prepared to pamper yourself and splurge a little.

The advantages of a twin-gear juicer:

  • even lower speeds than those in one gear juicers resulting in even less oxidation and foam and almost no destruction of nutrients
  • more juice extracted
  • more versatility – pasta, rice cakes.

The disadvantages:

  • Price

Let’s get down to business and see our winners:


Taking a closer look at our category winners:

Green Star GSE-5000

The specifications sheet:

  • warranty – full 12 years
  • it’s designed to automatically eject the pulp, which enables smooth and continuous juicing even with larger batches
  • easy to work on anything from the hardest of nuts to softest of fruits
  • assembly is straightforward
  • designed for easy cleaning
  • designed for portability (balanced with a sure grip handle)
  • voltage is 110

Some PROs reported in the customer reviews:

  • This juicer changed my life when deciding whether I should get it. I was looking at it as something that’s taking money out of my pocket. After 2 years I see it as the best investment I’ve made in a long time because it saved me so much time over the years.
  • It works as advertised – a breeze to use and clean.
  • The stack of parts is very smartly designed, looks neat and professional on my kitchen top.

Some CONs from customer reviews:

  • I feel like I could be getting the same results with something that costs half as much…
  • WARNING: It’s not worth the money, it’s slower and more difficult to use than my old Omega…

My Review

Overall Quality Rating of 4.7 / 5 at that price point says a lot about customer satisfaction.

I have read a lot of negative reviews, and I was confused by most of them.


Because when you opt-in for the twin-gear juicer, you should be pre-aware (if that’s a word) of two things:

  1. It’s slow, but that’s why it gives more juice.
  2. It’s expensive

After having said all that, the fact still stands that you do need a particular lifestyle for a twin-gear juicer to be the right choice for you.

You need to have time on your hands, and you need to able to afford it.

If these two are not an issue (wait, let me rephrase that) if these two weren’t an issue for me, I will go with twin-gear for my juicing.

Green Star GS-3000 Deluxe Twin Gear Juicer

Let’s look at some basic facts as reported by Green Star:

  • automatically ejects the pulp so that you can easily do continuous work on larger batches
  • designed to deliver with anything from sorbets, baby food to nut butter
  • designed for easy assembly and cleaning
  • great for pasta – spaghetti and fettuccini mode

PROs – consumer reports:

  • my old juicer would heat the juice; what comes out of this is cold and tastes fresh.
  • I’ve been using centrifugal juicers for a decade before getting this. It feels like a huge upgrade.

Customers who didn’t like it as much – CONs:

  • I found it hard to use.
  • the plastic in the gears cracked within 6 months.

My Review

This model is not worth the price. It did score a solid 4.5 / 5 stars based, but at that price point, I saw too many reports of cracks and malfunctions.

Type 4: Centrifugal Juicers machines

These are what most of us imagine when we say “juicer.” It’s the most common appliance and most widely available in stores.

They operate like this: fruits and veggies go down a chute, and fast spinning blades pulverize the food. The result is then strained through a metal strainer.

Their main advantages are:

  • fast
  • easy to use
  • inexpensive

The main shortcomings:

  • not so good when it comes to greens
  • not as effective – the pulp comes out moist which means there’s still some juice there
  • shorter shelf-life – more oxidation in the juice means more oxidation in the juicer parts, thus the lower “life-expectancy” the juicer
  • It’s not so good for storage since it goes sour quickly and loses a lot of nutrients (more oxidation in the juice). In other words, the juice from a centrifugal juicer is better for immediate consumption.

Let’s see what our winners in the category are:


Digging deeper:

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

The specifications:

  • centered knife for even processing
  • power of the motor is an amazing 700W
  • maximum RPM is 14,000
  • the tube is extra wide for ease of use
  • all the parts are dishwasher safe
  • size: 9.5 x 8.75 x 16 “
  • 1-year warranty – limited

PROs – as reported by the customers:

  • Much better than what I was expecting for the money…
  • A whole level above my previous Lack LaLanne juicer, which I loved btw.
  • It’s that easy to clean up, really just two minutes.
  • A cheap juicer that’s also good with the greens, this is a rare find.

Some of the CONs:

  • My screen cracked after a month of use, and now they are saying that the warranty doesn’t include it.
  • It leaks just under the plastic bowl. It’s going back.
  • When I see the pulp, I have the feeling that third of my juice is in there…

My review

Overall Quality Rating of 4.6/5 is implying an excellent product, especially at that price point.

Again, I don’t mean to be harsh, but some of the negative reviews report things that the users should’ve known when ordering a centrifugal juicer – like the fact that it doesn’t get all the juice from the pulp.

It has a well-deserved place among the winners.

Breville 800JEXL

The basic specs:

  • two speed pre-sets (12k and 6.5k RPM) and a powerful 1000W motor
  • steel housing, titanium processing discs
  • wide tube (3″) – enough for whole fruits – no precutting
  • container for the pulp and juice pitcher included
  • all parts are safe to use in a dishwasher

The PROs

  • A MONSTER among juicers (in a good way I mean) and still amazingly quiet…
  • Can’t beat this value for money, and if you find it discounted as I did, it’s a freakin’ steal.
  • Solidly built, looks like it’s going to last forever. I’m just hoping that my motor is at least close in quality.

The CONs:

  • It always gets me angry when I see this “limited warranty” thing. It can mean so many things and gives them so much wiggle room if something goes wrong.
  • Steel? Mine started corroding on the pipe after a year and a half.

My review of the Breville 800JEXL

Overall Quality Rating of 4.4 / 5. A solid score for a centrifugal juicer. It looks great, and that alone can be deceiving, so bear that in mind.

One more thing – look at the small print, the housing is not stainless steel – it’s dye cast steel, meaning it will corrode in time if not wiped dry after each use.

Final thoughts

Certain types of juicers are particular and for a narrow market. One such example would be a wheatgrass juicer. However, the models presented here can do the jobs of those “specific” juicers and often, just as well.

That’s why I call these juicers sub-types.

If you are interested in any of those, you will find specific guides by using the search field on the website.

This guide was about something else – I attempted to paint a broader picture. Cover 95% of what people are looking for in one scoop.

If there’s anything to take away from this guide it’s these two facts:

  • the “winners” presented here I choose using a statistical model that uses customer reviews as a base
  • this guide is updated continuously, and the info is always fresh – this also means that there might be some changes should you decided to revisit

I sincerely hope that what I presented here is of some help.

Take care and enjoy your juice machine!

Jennifer Dumas

My name is Jennifer! Welcome to Dinners and Dreams. My goal here is to encourage you to try out recipes you never thought you could make at home. Furthermore, I also review products that I have used in the past or currently using to make every day buying decisions easier and to ensure you get the best value for your money.

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