10 Best Non-Stick Pots & Pans for 2022 Reviewed

Are you looking for the best non-stick pots and pans? Then you are in the right place.

Here we have listed the best 10 chef pans for 2022. We also have provided the review for each of the products, along with their pros and cons.  This will help you make the right choice when you are choosing a chef pan for your kitchen.

Top 3 Non-Stick Pan for

Best Non-Stick Pans Reviewed

#1: Cuisinart 3 Quart Chef Pan

Cuisinart 635-24 Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 3-Quart Chef's Pan with Cover
  • Hard Anodized Exterior-Dense and Highly Wear Resistant
  • Quantanium Nonstick Cooking Surface for Professional Results
  • Riveted Stainless handles
  • Tempered Class Lids
  • Capacity: 3 quarts

If you are looking for the top-notch chef’s pan in the present market, then your search ends here. This Cuisinart chef pan is one of the best choices that you can make. This is a black color chef pan that comes with a lid.

Whether you are a professional chef or you are trying to check your culinary skills, this can be a great choice. The food does not get stick to the pan as it comes with the non-stick coating. You can use this chef pan on a daily basis and it is good enough for making a meal for one or two persons.

This pan is made of aluminum material and hence it is going to last for a long time. The handle of the chef pan is made of stainless steel and it is cool to handle as well. The lid of this chef pan is made using tempered glass.

The design of the pan is quite simple and it comes with a hole on the handle. You can easily hang it on any corner of the kitchen without having to waste a lot of space for a deep pan. One thing to keep in mind is you can clean it with just water and soft sponge without any hassle.

Key Features

  • It is a 12-inch chef pan which is just perfect for making a meal for one person.
  • It comes with the QuanTanium coating and it makes the pan non-stick
  • The chef pan comes with a tempered glass lid
  • The handle of the lid is made of stainless steel which remains cool even when it in on the stovetop.

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#2: Calphalon Non-Stick Chef Pan

Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware, Everyday Pan, 12-inch, Black
  • Heavy gauge aluminum construction ensures even heating and is hard anodized for durability, It also makes it dishwasher safe
  • Interior includes three layers of nonstick coating two layers provide durability and the third layer offers easy release performance
  • The long, brushed stainless steel handles are designed to stay cool on the stovetop. Pans and covers are also oven safe, making it ideal for finishing a gourmet dish
  • Shaped like a traditional sauté pan, but with two loop handles so it easily moves from stovetop to oven to table. Ideal for casseroles and "brown and braise" recipes
  • The Nonstick surface means you can cook healthier using less fat, with effortless cleanup. Comes with Calphalon's full lifetime warranty

Next in the list of the best non-stick pans, we have a chef pan from Calphalon brand. This is one of the best manufacturers of non-stick cookware. They understand the needs of the customers and try to meet their requirements, but at a very affordable price.

This Calphalon non-stick chef pan is 12 inches in size and is available in black color. This pan is made of heavy-duty aluminum and that will make sure that the heat is distributed evenly all around the pan. It is also a hard-anodized pan and this will ensure the durability of the pan.

The interior of the pan comes with three layers of the non-stick coating. The first two layers will make sure that the pan will last for a long time and the topmost layer will make sure that the food does not get stick to the pan. There are two small loop handles on both the sides of the pan and they are made of stainless steel.

These handles will not get heated up even when the pan is cooking food. This is a good pan for using on a daily basis. It also comes with a lid that is made of strong tempered glass.

The chef pan is oven safe and dishwasher safe as well. Just make sure that you are not using the chef pan above 450 degrees F in the oven.

Key Features

  • It is a 12-inch chef pan.
  • It comes with a three-layer coating
  • The heavy-duty aluminum will ensure even heat distribution.
  • The anodized pan will ensure durability
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It can be used in an oven at a temperature less than 450 degrees F
  • The price of the chef pan is quite affordable

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#3: Cuisinart Skillet chef’s pan

Cuisinart 12-Inch Skillet, Nonstick-Hard-Anodized with Glass Cover, 622-30GP1
  • EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN: The 12-inch nonstick skillet has sloped sides which deliver perfect performance and maximize cooking surface. The hard anodized is harder than stainless steel and is dense, nonporous and highly wear-resistant for extra durability and professional performance. Tapered slopes also provide a drip-free pour
  • COOKING AND CLEANING: Proprietary Quantanium nonstick interior is reinforced with titanium and provides lasting food release, healthily nonfat cooking option, and easy clean up. You really have endless cooking possibilities with the help of unsurpassed heat distribution, that will heat up quickly and spread evenly. Oven safe up to 500 degrees F
  • EXCEPTIONAL HANDLING: This piece has a cool grip handle which are solid stainless steel riveted stick handles that stay cool on the stove top and provide a safe a solid grip
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime warranty
  • Given diameter is outer diameter

We have one more Chef’s pan from Cuisinart brand. This is a Cuisinart Skillet Chef’s pan and it is 12 inches in size. It is a hard-anodized chef pan and it is very light in weight.

The material used in this pan is highly durable and stronger than stainless steel. It has the QuanTanium interior and also comes with an extra layer of titanium coating that makes this pan a 100 percent non-stick pan that does not allow food to stick to the bottom of the pan.

Also, the cleaning process gets easy if you are cooking without using butter or oil. The handle of the chef pan is safe to handle even when the pan is hot. You will also get a good grip with this stainless steel handle.

One of the best features about this chef pan is that it is oven safe and hence can be used in an oven at a temperature not greater than 500 degrees F.

The rim of the chef pan is designed in such a way that there is dripping of food or oil from the pan when you are transferring food from the pan to the serving plate or bowl. This is one of the best non-stick pans that you can have in your kitchen for frying, cooking, sauce making, and many other things.

Key Features

  • It is a 12-inch chef pan that can make a meal for one or two-person
  • It comes with the QuanTanium coating for better performance.
  • It also has a titanium coating which makes it easy to clean.
  • The handle is made of stainless steel
  • It is oven-safe but can be used only up to a temperature of 500 degrees F.

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#4: OXO Chef pan

OXO Good Grips 3QT Chef's Pan with Lid and Helper Handle, 3-Layered German Engineered Nonstick Coating, Stainless Steel Handle with Nonslip Silicone, Black
  • Durable, hard-anodized body delivers excellent heat conduction and scratch resistance
  • Three-layer, German-engineered non-stick coating for years of performance using less oil
  • Sturdy stainless steel handle clad with stay-cool, non-slip silicone
  • Angled side walls help liquids evaporate quickly and rounded bottom encourages efficient stirring
  • Durable glass lid makes it easy to check on progress without losing heat

OXO is another good brand to consider when you are looking for the best cookware for your kitchen. They manufacture a variety of models and designs to cater to the needs of different kinds of users. This OXO chef pan is a three-layered non-stick chef pan. It is made of oxidized and hard material for better durability.

The design, features, and shape of this chef are really unique and that is the reason why this is one of the best selling chef pans in the market. The sides of the pan are angled and that makes the food to get ready in just no time. Also, the process of evaporation happens very quickly with this pan.

This is a dishwasher safe chef pan and hence you can wash it even in the dishwasher if you have no time for your dishes. It is always a good idea to clean your non-stick pans manually only. The best part about this pan is it is perfect on any kind of stovetop, but not just the induction stove.

You also place it directly in the oven from your stovetop, but all you need to do is just make sure that the temperature is not above 350 degrees F. It also comes with a lid that is made of hard tempered glass. Even the lid of the pan is oven safe.

Key Features

  • It is a good brand to consider when looking for non-stick cookware.
  • It is a three-layered non-stick pan
  • Its design, shape, and features are best at the price.
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It is oven safe up to 350 degrees F
  • It can be used on any stovetop except the induction stove.

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#5: AvaCraft Stainless Steel Chef’s Pan

AVACRAFT 18/10 Stainless Steel Everyday Pan with Five-Ply Base, Stir Fry Chef’s Saute Pan with Glass Lid, Multipurpose Stewpot Skillet, Casserole in Pots (11 Inch)
  • HIGH QUALITY PAN: 11 Inch, 4.5 liters. Special matte finish inside to prevent scratches, mirror finish outside for shiny stylish look. Made with 18/10 stainless steel, highly resistant to rust, stain, corrosion or crack.
  • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Multi-ply capsule bottom with pure aluminum encapsulation to avoid heat spots & distribute heat evenly, saves energy! The best stainless steel wok with lid.
  • MULTIPURPOSE PAN: Versatile pan, use it as stir fry pan, stainless steel wok, stainless steel frying pan, sauté pan, stewpot, steak pan, crepe pan, skillet. Works on multiple cooktop types including induction, stove top, gas, electric etc. Induction wok. Healthier option over nonstick pan for every house.
  • STRONG GLASS LID: Shatterproof dome glass cover with silicone lid handle for safety! Silicone coated handles for firm grip, stay cool when pot is hot. Try your souped up recipes in this wok pan with lid.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: AVACRAFT is the most trusted emerging woman owned small business! At AVACRAFT, we’ve always got your back!

Are you looking for a chef pan to make some experiments on it? Then here is a pan from AvaCraft. This is a stainless steel chef pan and you should definitely buy this pan if you are looking for the best options in the market.

This chef pan can be used for making the sauce, gravies, sautéing veggies, Potatoe brown, and a lot of more. The bottom of the chef pan is flat and hence the heat distribution is very even.

You will be able to cook yummy food in a very short time. As this is a non-stick pan, there will not be a problem of food getting stuck at the bottom.

Also, there will not be any scratches or chipping problems with this chef pan. Stirring is also easy in this pan as it is an 11-inch pan with a capacity of 4.5 liters.

A dome glass lid is also available along with this chef pan and you have a silicon handle for the lid. The loop handles of the pan are also silicon coated and hence you will be able to handle the pan without any problem of heat.

It is made of stainless steel and the weight is pretty less when compared to the other metals in the market. If you are not happy with the product, then you can ask for a 100 percent return or refund of money.

Key Features

  • It is an 11-inch pan with 4.5-liter capacity.
  • It can be used for making many different kinds of dishes.
  • The bottom of the pan is flat and hence ensures even distribution of heat
  • It has a dome lid made of glass
  • Both the lid handle and the handle of the pan are silicon coated.

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#6: Anolon Non-Stick Chef Pan

Anolon Advanced Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan/ Fry Saute All Purpose Pan with Lid - 12 Inch, Gray
  • SUPERIOR NONSTICK PERFORMANCE: Anolon Advanced ultimate pan features long-lasting, incredibly smooth, premium nonstick so culinary creations glide with ease from the pan to plate
  • BALANCED HEAT CONTROL: Ultimate pan is engineered for fast, uniform heat with durable hard-anodized construction that's twice as hard as stainless steel
  • SUBLIME COOKING: Enjoy every flip, tip, and toss with a durable SureGrip chef pan handle for a secure and comfortable hold
  • EASY CLEAN FINISH: Bring style and easy cleaning to your cooking with a nonstick exterior finish that keeps your family pan looking newer, longer
  • STOVE TO OVEN: Easily finish any dish in the oven where the nonstick ultimate pan is oven safe to 400°F

Next in the list, we have a chef pan from Anolon. This is a good and multipurpose chef pan, which is hard anodized. This makes the pan strong and highly durable as well.

This anodization will also ensure that the heat is distributed evenly and thus the food is cooked well. This is a non-stick pan and it offers you easy food release and hence making the process of cleaning very simple.

The handle of this chef pan has a solid grip and does not slip at all. It comes with a domed lid and can be used for making many different dishes. You can use this chef pan in the oven after you are done with the stirring on the stovetop.

Yes, it can go directly into the oven along with the glass lid, but all you need to take care of is the temperature. The temperature should not exceed 400 degrees F. The lid of the pan is made using tempered glass.

The non-stick coating on the chef pan is triple-layered and hence you will be able to enjoy durable and scratch-free coating on your chef’s pan. It is basically a 12-inch chef pan, which is ideal for making a meal for one or two persons.

The weight is also less even when compared to the non-stick stainless steel pans. It is available in three different colors – Bronze, graphite gray, and Indigo colors.

Key Features:

  • It is a 12-inch chef pan
  • It is hard anodized and hence highly durable.
  • It offers even distribution of heat.
  • The lid is made of tempered glass.
  • It is oven safe but can be used only till 400 degrees F.
  • It is available in three different colors and you can choose one of your choices.

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#7: All-Clad Non-Stick Chef’s Pan

All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Chef's Pan,12 Inch Induction Oven Broiler Safe 500F, Lid Safe 350F Pots and Pans, Cookware Black
  • This All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick 12 inch Chef's Pan with lid features a flat base with a wide mouth, flared sides, and comes with a tempered glass lid to lock in moisture and prevent splattering
  • High Quality Performance with Everyday Convenience - HA1 Nonstick heavy gauge aluminum and stainless-steel base deliver even heat for consistent, delicious cooking. The high-quality PTFE nonstick brings a long-lasting and easy release when cooking.
  • Design You Will Love- HA1 Nonstick has a sleek and stylish contoured design. Our double riveted stainless steel handles ensure a secure grip and our tempered glass lids provide easy viewing while cooking.
  • Oven safe up to 500°F and compatible with any stovetop, including induction. Glass lids are oven safe up to 350°F. Dishwasher safe. To preserve the nonstick, wash your cookware with a soap and sponge, and using silicone, nylon or wooden utensils.
  • Designed in Canonsburg, PA - USA, Made in China. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

As there are so many options available in Chef’s pans, it can be a very confusing task for you to choose one single pan from those. This All-Clad is one of the brands that you can actually trust.

It is PFOA free and hard anodized pan that ensures durability and healthy cooking. The bottom of the pan is flat and it has a wide mouth.

These two features help in faster evaporation and that is the main purpose of the Chef’s pan. Irrespective of the type of food that you are making, this chef’s pan will ensure that there is enough space for stirring, sauteing and doing much more in a single pan.

It has a PFOA free non-stick coating and also it is a three-layer coating for better non-stick effect and also for cooking of food. It is a 12-inch chef pan that comes with a tempered glass lid. The handle is also a secured handle as it is made of stainless steel. Your hands are going to stay cool even when the cook is still hot in the pan.

It is a dishwasher safe pan, but still, handwash is preferred over the dishwasher. This pan is oven-safe, but you should not use it along with the tempered glass lid. You should also take care of the temperature that it is not exceeding 500 degrees F.

Key Features

  • It is a 12-inch chef pan
  • It comes with a tempered glass lid
  • It is free from PFOA or any other harmful chemical
  • It comes with a triple-layer coating
  • The handle of the pan is made of stainless steel
  • It is oven-safe but without lid only
  • You can use a dishwasher for washing the pan, but the manual wash is preferred.

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#8: Michelangelo Chef’s pan

MICHELANGELO Frying Pan with Lid, Nonstick 8 Inch Frying Pan with Ceramic Titanium Coating, Copper Frying Pan with Lid, Small Frying Pan 8 Inch, Nonstick Frying Pans
  • ULTRA NON-STICK COATING SCRATCH RESISTANT - The superior Ceramic & Titanium interior of this copper pans is ultra non-stick and scratch resistant that enhances both durability and cooking performance. Everything just slides right off the truly nonstick surface for optimum cooking. Ideal for use over low to medium heat with minimum oil or butter for healthy diet.
  • SMALL FRYING PAN FOR MULTIPURPOSE USE - The 8 inch small frying pan is commonly used for One fried egg, steak, making omelettes, sauteing vegetables for a side dish. PFOA- Free, Cadmium and lead-free
  • HEATS QUICKLY & EVENLY - This frying pan with lid is made of professional grade aluminum alloy that conducts heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control and no hot spot. Food fries quickly and evenly across the surface of the copper 8 inch skillet and slips onto the plate once ready. No chipping, no peeling or flaking.
  • ERGONOMIC STAINLESS STEEL HANDLE - The Michelangelo non stick omelet pan is specially designed with a long stainless steel handle that is nice to grip, easy to maneuver the pan, and stays cool when cooking. The 8 Inch frying pan is optimal for day to day cooking. Stainless Steel handle can resist high temperature cooking, oven safe up to 450°F, ideal for perfect searing fillets.
  • CONVENIENTLY DESIGNED GLASS LID - Heat resistant glass lid of the frying pan makes viewing food easy from start to finish. It seals in the flavor and nutrients for a healthier and better tasting food.

If you have ever heard about the manufacturer Michelangelo, then you must be aware of the quality of products made by them. They give high-quality cookware at a very reasonable price. Here we have a chef’s pan from Michelangelo. This is an 8-inch copper chef pan, that is coated with ceramic and titanium.

These two give you a good non-stick feel when you are cooking in the pan. This is also available in 10-inches size as well. The ultra non-stick coating will make this pan scratch resistant and also chipping free. This pan is made of high-quality aluminum and the heat can distribute easily with this metal.

This pan is having a stainless steel and it is the most common metal used for the making of handles as it remains cool when the food is being made in the pan. That means you will be able to hold the handle without any worries about the heat. It can be used even in the oven and still the handle stay cool.

This pan also comes with a glass lid. This lid is made of tempered glass and it is totally heat resistant glass. The color of the pan is black from outside, but the reddish copper color from inside.

Key Features

  • It is an 8-inch chef pan, but it is also available in the 10-inch size.
  • It comes with ceramic and titanium coating
  • It is totally scratch resistant and chipping free
  • It is also free from PFOA or other harmful chemicals.
  • It comes with a glass lid and it can be used in the oven as well.
  • The outer color of the chef pan is black and the interior is copper color
  • The handle is made of stainless steel metal.

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#9: Neoflam Non-stick chef’s pan

Neoflam Midas PLUS 10'' 3pc Nonstick Ceramic Chef's Wok, PFOA Free Fry Pan with Tempered Glass Lids and Smart Detachable Handle, Saucepan, Saute Pan, Stove|Oven Pot, Oven Safe, Space-Saving, Emerald
  • Detachable handle attaches/detaches securely to/from cookware
  • Tempered Glass Lid with Silicone and a flat-top knob allows you to prop the lid up without tipping
  • Nestable for compact storage (always use pan protectors or towels inbetween)
  • Ecolon nonstick ceramic coating provides superior nonstick performance and highly scratch resistant durability; PTFE/PFOA Free

Now, next in the list we have a set of three chef’’s pans from Neoflam. This is another popular brand that sells the best quality and highly durable non-stick cookware.

It is available in Emerald Green and Sunrise red color. Along with that, you can also choose a set of multi-color chef pans. They are all of the different sizes and the largest pan is 10-inch. The height of all the pans is approximately 7-inches. Each of these chef’s pans come with individual lids that are made of tempered glass and also have detachable handles.

There is a flat top knob for each lid, which makes it easy to remove the lid without having to worry about slipping. The design of these three pans is very attractive and can be an add on your boring kitchen. It has Ecolon ceramic coating, and this coating makes the food slide easily.

That means, it is a non-stick chef pan. It also comes with a warranty, but a limited lifetime warranty only. The body of the chef pan is made of highly conductive material, aluminum. It is very easy to clean with soap water. All these three chef pans are made using natural materials and hence the quality of the food is going to be healthy and hygienic as well.

Key Features

  • It is set of three chef pans
  • It is available in emerald green, sunrise red, and multi-color as well. You can pick anything of your choice.
  • It is made natural material to ensure healthy cooking
  • It is 10-inches in size and 7 inches in height.
  • It comes with Ecolon ceramic coating

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#10: Circulon Non-stick Chef pan

Circulon Classic Hard Anodized Nonstick Chef Pan / Saute Pan / Frying Pan - 4 Quart, Gray
  • BUILT TO LAST: Durable hard-anodized construction is twice as strong as stainless steel for fast, even heating
  • SUPERIOR NONSTICK TECHNOLOGY: Circulon TOTAL Nonstick System of raised circles and premium nonstick resists scratching, staining and chipping, and provides extraordinary food release
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Metal-utensil-safe nonstick lasts ten times as long as normal nonstick for long-lasting, easy cleanup
  • CIRCULON'S GOT IT HANDLED: Dual-riveted handles for a comfortable, confident, stove-to-oven-to-table grip; Convenient helper handle makes it easy to manage one-pan family recipes
  • EMBRACE THE HEAT: Both frying pan and stainless steel lid is oven safe to 350° F

Last, on the list, we have a chef pan from Circulon. This pan can be used as a frying pan and also a sauté pan as well. It is one of the best pans used by many professional chefs. This is a hard-anodized chef pan and is highly durable. It is as strong as a stainless steel material and is a good conductor of heat.

This pan will distribute heat evenly to make cooking easy. The food cooked in this pan does not get stuck to the pan and there is no problem of chipping, staining or scratches on the surface of the pan.

When compared to the other similar models available in the market, this Circulon Non-stick chef pan is 10 times more long-lasting.

This is a pan that is enough for making a meal for one family. It comes with a small loop handles and long handle as well. The handle is strong and convenient for handling it. The grip of the material is very good.

You can easily transfer the chef pan from the stovetop to the oven or to the serving plate. It comes with a stainless steel lid. The pan is oven safe along with the lid and you can use it up to a temperature of 350 degrees F.

Key Features

  • It is a 4-quart chef pan
  • It comes with a stainless steel lid
  • Both pan and the lid are oven-safe but the temperature should not exceed 350 degrees F.
  • The handle provides a convenient grip
  • It can be used on any kind of stovetop.

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Best Non-Stick Pan Buyer’s guide

Buying a chef pan for the first time can be a very time-consuming task or it may result in the wrong investment. In order to save you some time and also to save your valuable money, we have listed a few important things to consider before buying the chef pan.


The first important thing to consider when you are buying the chef pans is the design. Do not get confused with a frying pan or cooking pot and buy one.

This chef pan is usually deeper and provides you enough space to stir the food in the pan. They are usually larger than the simple frying pans. Choose a pan that comes with a non-stick coating and is scratch proof as well.


The next important feature to consider is durability. If you are choosing a product with a warranty, then you need not have to worry about durability as their warranty itself is speaking with the quality of the product. The material of the chef pan has to be right and the right material will ensure you the right performance.


The heat should be distributed evenly and that is when the food is going to taste right. The food also should not stick to the pan when you are cooking, and that is possible when the heat is distributed easily.

Shove Top

One of the main reasons why professionals use a chef pan is this pan will help in stirring all the ingredients and that will go directly into the oven for the cooking process. This way it should be oven-safe cookware. Along with that, it should be safe to use on any kind of stovetops like gas, glass, ceramic, or induction as well.


The next factor to consider is the process of cleaning. You should not have to do a lot of cleaning a non-stick pan. You can just use some warm water and mild detergent for cleaning it.

Some chef pans are dishwasher safe and you can easily place them in the dishwasher for cleaning. You will not have any trouble at all. This will save you efforts and time as well.


You should always invest in the best brands when you are buying non-stick cookware. Not all the cookware is safe to use as there are chances that the manufacturer uses harmful chemicals for the non-stick coating of the chef pans. Chemicals like lead, PFOA, PTFE or a few more to name, are very harmful and can cause a lot of health issues.

You will also not face problems like blisters, chipping kind of problem when you are using them. Too much heat can also damage the cookware when it is not made of the right material. Branded products will guarantee you the best material with safe non-stick coating.


With so much useful information about how to choose the right chef pan and what are the best chef pans at present, you should be able to choose the best one for your kitchen. Along with the reviews, it is also good to compare the price and features of the pan before you make a choice.

This will help you in choosing the right pan in your budget. Just picking up anything that comes to your mind can lead to a waste of money.

So, always make sure that you invest in the right chef pan, otherwise, you will end up wasting money, wasting time and also your food is not going to taste or remain healthy. This article will help you in making the right choice.

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