10 Best Olive Oil Sprayers for 2022

Oil is the prime commodity to cook any food in the kitchen. From basic salad to mouth-watering dishes, olive oil complements the taste of everything.

Sometimes, handling oil can be a little messy and irritating. But don’t worry, oil sprayers are here to rescue. With olive oil sprayers, you can easily dispense the required amount of oil in your pan swiftly.

Also, there will be no messy hands, greasy oil spills, and frustrating oil stains over the beautiful countertops in your kitchen. Here is the list of some of the best olive oil sprayers to choose from and incorporate in your kitchen.

Best Olive Oil Sprayers Reviewed

#1: Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer, Silver
  • Misto is a reusable oil spray and mister bottle that gives you the convenience and health benefits of typical aerosol sprayers but in a more healthy, economical and environmental way
  • Fill Misto with your favorite oils, vinegars, lemon and lime juice, sherry, or marsala wine; Great for dressing salads, breads, or cooking
  • Easy to use pump style cap features a 2 step operation: Simply pump the container, then and press the valve on the pressurized sprayer for an even mist
  • Environmentally friendly, the non aerosol sprayer doesn't use chemical propellants, and it's refillable, so no more throwing cans away to end up in landfills
  • Misto is BPA free threading the cap on incorrectly allows air to escape and in turn does not allow the bottle to build up pressure to spray

This oil by Mistro loaded with all the essential features that you require for cooking healthily. It not only helps you add less oil to reduce calories and fat from your food but also increases the flavor.

You can use this sprayer to add extra-virgin olive oil to your cooking with fine misting. With this olive oil sprayer, you can use the proper amount of oil without wasting much.

This olive oil sprayer is ideal for roasting, grilling, and baking. As it dispenses less oil, it can be suitable for nonstick cooking and sautéing. It locks the moisture in bread, meat, vegetables properly so that the flavor remains intact.

Apart from olive oil, you can fill this sprayer with different cooking oil, vinegar to cook. It is effortless to clean up. For best performance, it is better to clean the sprayer every 6-8 weeks. You just need hot water and a drop of liquid detergent to clean this sprayer.

Bottom line

This Misto olive oil sprayer is very simple and easy to use. For even a pure mist, you just need to pump the bottle and press the valve.

This non-aerosol sprayer is also good for the environment because it does not contain chemical propellants. You can also refill this BPA-free sprayer without dumping it into landfills.


  • Reduce calories and fat
  • Perfect for even and pure mist
  • Easy to pump
  • BPA-free and eco-friendly


  • A little heavy to carry

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#2: Ideal Olive Oil Sprayer Mister

Ideal Olive Oil Sprayer Mister - Premium Air Pressure Only Clog-Free Cooking Oil Mist for Salads, Baking, Grilling, Air Fryers by The Fine Life - Grey
  • ENHANCE YOUR HEALTH & LIFE - Using an Air Fryer? On a Paleo Diet, use HCG or just love flavor? The Fine Life(TM) Ideal Oil Mister lets you spray exactly the amount of oil you want to use, where you want to use it - This air pressure system eliminates smelly chemical propellants from your food or wasted expensive oil poured down your drain! - Now you can manage your calories while you eat all your favorite foods. Flavor up with olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar, sesame oil and more.
  • DESIGNED WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS - "So glad it isn't glass!" our users tell us. Your new oil sprayer is safe on any surface. SHAPED for a comfortable grip, it's LIGHT WEIGHT so it's easy for every member of the family to hold and use. And without glass, it's safe to use everywhere you'd like to take it. Carry it from kitchen to BBQ to patio, beach, boat or RV. Toss it in your bag to take to the office. We've even had it used for a water mist at the golf course and at the beach!
  • BEATS ALL THE OTHERS ON THE MARKET - WHY is everyone complaining about all those cheap cooking olive oil sprayers you see below on the page? Read their most recent reviews instead of the ones from years ago! Because they splatter, leak and break. Users get so frustrated they just throw them out. The Ideal Oil Mister sprayer solves ALL those issues! It WORKS and you'll use it for years. It's made with light weight food safe materials - easy to fill, pump, hold and use for kids and adults alike.
  • REFILL AND REUSE - This unique model produces such a FINE MIST you use so little oil it will last for weeks. The perfect cooking oil accessory your air fryer, grilling and baking. Fill it with an inch or two of olive oil. The rest of the space lets you pump up AIR pressure. Use your favorite oils for popcorn, salad, veggies, fish, meats, omelettes. - Even INFUSE your own flavors. The clear container lets you see exactly what's inside and the premium filter makes sure only pure oil is spritzed.
  • RISK-FREE 100% GUARANTEE. We stand by our olive oil sprayers and want you to have the same great experience other Ideal Olive Oil Mister customers are having. LIKE THEM, YOUâ??LL WANT MORE THAN ONE ON HAND - GREY, BLACK & RED models let you put different cooking oils in each one and have them right at your fingertips. Buy one or more for your oils, vinegars, lemon juice, and more. Stock up to give them as gifts. SPECIAL PRICING AVAILABLE - See the multi-packs & bundles listed with each model.

One of the best things about this oil is that it contains less fat and calories. It allows you to add olive as much you want. You simply need to pump and press properly to get the proper mist.

This sprayer is made up of standard quality material, ensuring an optimum weight. Because of the lightweight, you can take this sprayer anywhere you want. It is appropriate to carry while hiking or partying at the beach.

You can use this olive oil sprayer to prepare your favorite salads, grill fish, or vegetables. It also sprays an even mist to coat baking pans or skillet. It is effortless to clean.

With this BPA-free non-aerosol sprayer, you are allowed to enjoy your food without any chemical smells.

Bottom line

This sprayer is perfect for healthy cooking. It is a multipurpose prayer that can be used in cooking, baking, grilling with the lightest mist.

It means you do not have to pour much oil into the bottle, and thus you can save the oil from waste. Also, vinegar or lemon juice can be used to fill up this sprayer.

The best thing about this sprayer is you can put water or homemade sunscreen when you are outside your home.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry outside
  • Multipurpose use.
  • Easy to clean
  • Enhances flavor without fats and calories
  • Even and pure mist


  • No variety in color or design
  • Not sturdy and durable enough

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#3: Evo Oil Sprayer Bottle

Evo Oil Sprayer Evo Sprayer Bottle, Non-Aerosol for Olive Cooking Oils, 18-Ounce Capacity, 1 Count (Pack of 1), Yellow
  • Made from Latex, BPA, and DEHP free plastic
  • Refillable and reusable
  • Sprays oils without the use of aerosols
  • Sprays oil in vertical and horizontal fan pattern for optimum coverage and control
  • Attractive bottle made for display in your kitchen

You can control the amount of oil in your food conveniently with the oil sprayer designed by Evo. It helps you to use your cooking oil and dressing healthily and safely, which makes it an excellent buy. It is equipped with a trigger sprayer.

With a single trigger pull, you will get 1/4 teaspoon oil, which is excellent for maintaining the consistency of your cooking oil.

The rotating nozzle is perfect for covering a larger cooking surface. It has an ergonomic design, and the sprayer is reusable and recyclable. This sprayer is free of BPA, Latex, and DEHP.

This oil sprayer has an ergonomic design, which makes it user-friendly. Apart from olive oil, you can also fill this sprayer with vegetable, peanut, sesame oil. Balsamic vinegar also can be used in it.

You are allowed to prepare a healthy meal without any chemical smells.

Bottom line

This oil sprayer can cover a large area. So, you can use the oil in your cooking in an appropriate proportion. It sprays less oil that is essential for healthy food. Because of the twist-on-funnel, it is easy to fill this sprayer.


  • Ergonomic and sturdy design
  • Safe, healthy, and economical to use
  • Covers a larger cooking surface
  • Free from BPA or latex
  • Perfect control with the single trigger pull


  • Dishwasher and handwash are not appropriate to clean

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#4: CHEF VANTAGE Premium Olive Oil Mister

Premium Olive Oil Mister and Cooking Sprayer with Clog-Free Filter and Glass Bottle by CHEFVANTAGE - Stainless Steel
  • THE HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO COOKING SPRAYS - While store-bought cooking sprays are convenient, you don't really know what's in them. That's not a problem with our refillable CHEFVANTAGE oil mister, because you get to use whatever ingredients you want.
  • VERSATILE - It's great for most types of oil (e.g. olive, coconut), as well as vinegars, juices, or even water. For example, fill it with lemon juice and spritz a salmon steak or spray it on fruit to keep it fresh.
  • NO CLOGGING - Our mister won't clog, even if you add fresh herbs, say, to infuse your own oils or vinegars, thanks to its special anti-clog filter.
  • EASY TO USE - Because this uses a non-aerosol air pressure pump mechanism, you do need to prime it with a few pumps to get it going. From then on, a super-fine spray will give your food or pans an even coating, every time - and use less oil, which is healthier for you and your family too.
  • ELEGANT, PRACTICAL DESIGN - The oil chamber is made from scratch-resistant glass, which is also easy to clean, while the pump is cleverly hidden from view inside the stainless steel top. And our manufacturer's one-year satisfaction guarantee makes this a risk-free purchase.

CHEF VANTAGE introduces this elegant looking mister for healthy cooking. Its clog-free design makes it the best olive oil sprayer that you can get on a budget.

The stainless steel top and glass body is resistant to scratch. So you do not have to face any hassle to clean this sprayer. It is available in various colors, including red, white, and stainless steel.

You can not see the pump as it is kept hidden inside the top. This sprayer is perfect for even coating your pans or foods which use less oil. Therefore you can prepare healthy food for you and your family. Because of its anti-clog filter, it does not clog easily.

This mister is ideal for multipurpose use. You can fill this up with olive oil, coconut oil. Besides, vinegar, juices, water can be used to spray on your steak or fruits. No aerosol or propellant is used in this sprayer to enjoy your meal without any chemical smells.

Bottom line

This sprayer can be an excellent choice for cooking with less oil. The stainless steel top and glass body are also easy to clean. The super-fine nozzle can coat your food entirely with the help of the advanced pressure pump feature.


  • Clog-free filter helps to use conveniently
  • Scratch-resistant and anti-bacterial body
  • Durable structure with elegant design
  • Appropriate for healthy cooking
  • Super-fine spray for even coating
  • One-year manufacturer guarantee
  • Easy to clean


  • Pump quality can be improved

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#5: iTrunk Olive Oil Sprayer

If you love an even mist of oil on your food, this sprayer from iTrunk is ideal for you. You are also allowed to use vinegar, lemon juice, cooking wine, etc. in this sprayer to make sure your meals taste the best.

This sprayer can be used for multiple purposes of cooking like grilling, baking, roasting, and searing a Barbecue, etc.

You will love to use this sprayer because it is straightforward and convenient to spray. You can make a fine mist just by pressing the oil dispenser pump. It is a great way to control the proportion and consistency of oil in your food.

A bottle brush and some detergent with warm water will be enough to clean this oil sprayer.

Using this oil sprayer can prevent you from wasting oil. You can use the funnel to fill and refill the sprayer easily. It has a transparent design coming with a scale.

It allows you to know the amount of oil. Also, it helps you to understand the seasoning without any difficulties.

Bottom line

With a unique design, this olive oil sprayer is perfect for home cooking. Though it is made up of sturdy stainless steel material, it does not mix any chemicals with the oil. So you can use this sprayer safely.


  • Durable and ergonomic design
  • Perfect for multiple usages
  • Easy to clean
  • Free from BPA and chemicals


  • It needs to be cleaned every time before use

#6: Zophen Oil Sprayer Bottle

Zophen Olive Oil Sprayer for Cooking, Olive Oil Spray Bottle, Olive Oil Sprayer Mister, Olive Oil Spray for Cooking, BBQ, Salad, Baking, Roasting, Grilling, Kitchen
  • 🥓🥪🍳【Multi-function】 Perfect for spraying not only olive oils, sunflower oil, but also vinegar, soy sauce, lemon and lime juice, sherry or Marsala wine etc.
  • 🥓🥪🍳【Food-safe material】 spray bottle made of glass and stainless steel. BPA free and contains no harmful substances in pre-filled spray bottles .
  • 🥓🥪🍳【Easy to use】: fill the Gls container with liquids such as oil or vinegar, pump several times to achieve a perfect spray.
  • 🥓🥪🍳【Lightweight and portable】: practical size 4 x 18 cm, you can not only use it in the kitchen but also for outdoor activities such as BBQ, picnic, trip, barbecue, etc.
  • 🥓🥪🍳【100% Risk Free Purchase 】Satisfying customers is our top priority. Any inquiry please do not hesitate to contact us, friendly and easy-to-reach customer service support are provided all the time.

This oil sprayer available with Zophen has an attractive look. This sprayer comes with an optimum size so that you can easily carry it with you outside.

You can use it in the kitchen as well as take it outside for grilling, roasting, frying barbecue, etc. The sprayer has an anti-slip design and is very easy to clean and use.

It is designed with advanced technology, which enables you to spray oil evenly on your cooking.

Bottom line

This oil sprayer can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen shelf. You can use this sprayer for different purposes like cooking, baking, making a salad, grilling, etc.

It can spray vinegar, vegetable oil, juice, sauce, cooking wine, etc. apart from olive oil.


  • Easy to carry
  • It prevents the wasting of oil with effective oil control
  • Anti-Skid design
  • Sprays mist evenly
  • Appropriate for multiple usages


  • Oil with residue can block the nozzle

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#7: LHS Olive Oil Sprayer Mister Dispenser

LHS Olive Oil Sprayer Mister Dispenser Stainless Steel Bottle 200 ml Set of 2 Perfect for BBQ Grilling and Roasting Cooking Wine Vinegar Sprayer
  • 【High Quality】:The outer of oil sprayer is made of food grade stainless steel, which is durable,scratch-resistant and refillable.
  • 【Muti-Purpose】:Fill this sprayer with your favorite condiment such as sunflower oil, olive oil, vinegar, lemon and lime juice, cooking wine, even water.Perfect for spraying when roasting, sauteing, baking, cooking, frying.
  • 【Portable & Anti Blocking 】: Compact and portable, great cooking tools in the kitchen,or just put it in your pockets or bags and carry outside for BBQ, picnic, grilling and roasting ,etc. Do not worry about the nozzle being blocked ,and spray very evenly.
  • 【Easy to Refill & Clean】:Premium air pump mechanism make you can simply press the air pump for an even mist. After use, please unscrew the lid and refill with some warm water shaking and spraying out by the pump.you are recommended to clean your Oil Sprayer every 6-8 weeks. This will ensure the best performance since oil may build up in the sprayer.
  • 【Enjoy Your Meal】:Free to contact us in case of any issues and we’ll do all we can to make you smile. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to make cooking a convenient, healthy, and stylish affair! Pay attention :When the bottle is filled with oil, it sprays out a stream, not mist! When the bottle is filled with water , vinegar or lemon juice ect, it sprays out mist!

This sprayer simultaneously works as both a mister and a dispenser. The sprayer’s body is designed with the highest quality stainless steel, which is durable and scratch-resistant. You can refill this sprayer easily to use multiple times.

This oil sprayer is ideal for cooking, roasting, baking, frying, and more. It can spray olive oil, sunflower oil, cooking wine, vinegar, lemon, and lime juice and water.

You can use this oil sprayer for home cooking. But with its portable size and anti-blocking facility, you can take it outside for a picnic, barbecue, etc.

The nozzle has a perfect design to avoid blocking and spray evenly. When you use oil, it sprays stream, and if you want a mist, you will have to use water or vinegar to fill the bottle.

You just need to press the air pump for the finest and lightest mist. This sprayer is very easy to clean without any hassles.

Bottom line

If you want to cook healthy food with less oil, you must try this oil sprayer. It can prevent clog and leaks efficiently. So you can easily control the amount of oil for your cooking.


  • Bigger capacity to contain more seasoning
  • Designed with food-grade material
  • Easy to carry outside
  • Prevents nozzle block and leakage
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Easy to clean


  • Not appropriate for coconut oil
  • Never put oil more than halfway

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#8: Sunnyac Olive Oil Sprayer

If your target is to reduce the amount of oil in your cooking, Sunnyac will help you do just that. You can control the amount of oil so that you do not need to waste extra oil by wiping it with the tissue paper.

This sprayer comes with a well-designed nozzle that allows you to press and pump simply for spraying oil uniformly.

The oil chamber of this sprayer is made up of standard quality glass material. It is resistant to scratch and transparent that is appropriate for daily home cooking. You just need warm water and some detergent to clean the sprayer easily.

This sprayer has a portable design that is appropriate to carry outside. It means you can take this oil sprayer with you for a picnic, barbecue, camping, etc. You can easily use this sprayer for making salad, roasting, frying, grilling, baking despite cooking.

Bottom line

The product is a reusable and refillable oil sprayer that sprays oil, cooking wine, vinegar, even water. The scale design allows you to check the oil. Also, it is BPA-free, so you can use this sprayer without worrying about your health.


  • Designed with food-grade glass material
  • Transparent, Lightweight, and easy to carry
  • Reusable and refillable
  • Perfect for multiple usages
  • Sprays stream evenly on the food
  • Free from BPA to ensure good health


  • Not appropriate for high-density oil
  • The sharp edge of the cap can be dangerous
  • Needs to clean frequently for better performance

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#9: Binseni Olive Oil Sprayer

This is another sprayer that a good choice for budget buyers. It is designed with food-grade 304 stainless steel and glass material to ensure the highest safety of your health.

So you do not need to worry about your health while using this oil sprayer.

It has a light pressure nozzle that works so conveniently for daily cooking. When you press the nozzle, it will spray the liquid ideally. Therefore it is ideal for making a salad, baking, frying barbecue, and more.

Besides olive oil, you can fill this sprayer with vinegar, sauce, or water to use according to your cooking needs.

This oil sprayer has a scale to make sure you can control the amount of oil accurately. It is very safe to use and maneuver, so you do not have to worry about your health. Moreover, the anti-slip design of this sprayer is very much essential to avoid accidental sliding.

Bottom line

The olive oil sprayer is a useful kitchen tool enhancing the beauty of your kitchen shelf.

It benefits a lot for healthy cooking. Because of its ergonomic and durable structure, you can clean this sprayer without any hassle. It can be an appropriate choice for healthy food for your family.


  • Controls oil amount and reduces calories
  • Designed for multipurpose usage
  • Anti-slip bottoms prevent accidental sliding
  • Designed with food-grade material
  • Leakage proof and precise scale design


  • No manufacturer guarantee.
  • No variety in design and color

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#10: AILELAN Olive Oil Sprayer Bottle

It is a reusable and multifunctional oil sprayer that can be easily used in cooking, roasting, making a salad, barbecue, and more. It sprays olive oil, vinegar, juice, cooking wine, and water in a perfect proportion.

This oil sprayer is designed with food-grade stainless steel and glass material ensuring the maximum safety of your health.

It means the substance of this sprayer does not contaminate the oil, and you can enjoy healthy meals. It is also free from BPA, so you will not find any chemical smells in your food.

You just need to fill up the bottle with oil and press the control bottle to achieve the finest and lightest mist. It works so appropriately that you can cook with less oil without wasting the extra oil.

This oil sprayer also has a scale with it, making sure you do not use oil more than required.

Bottom line

You can use this eco-friendly sprayer to have a healthier life. With this versatile kitchen tool, you can enjoy your cooking with less oil. So you can use this olive oil sprayer without worrying about your health.


  • Creates an even mist
  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • BPA-free
  • Designed with food-grade material
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No anti-slipping and leakage resistant facility

Best Olive Oil Sprayer Buying Guide

As valuable as every cooking commodity or ingredient is, the containers holding them are also vital. Oil or especially olive oil is no exception to it.

Thus, choosing the right olive oil dispenser is essential as the right container releases only necessary amounts of oil without wasting oil.

Also, you can have a cleaner kitchen without spills and pours of oil. But, choosing the best olive oil sprayer, with utmost benefits is essential.

Design and material

The basic design and features of the olive oil sprayer are the crucial part of any oil sprayer. Thus, the design and the constituents used are a vital and essential factor in selecting a value for money oil sprayer

You must also ensure that a sturdy frame is offering support for the overall strength of the sprayer as sprayers are to be used in the long run and must stand my rough handling too.

A glass container has a higher chance of slipping in less friction and the likelihood of injury increases in case of breakage of the glass container. Also, the design should be simple to use with a durable structure.

Thus, the sprayer’s coarseness, texture, slippery nature, handling method, prevention of leakage, portability, and every aspect reflects the design of the sprayer, and it’s required to consider all.

Comfortable in Usage

The comfort in usage rendered by the oil sprayer is also a not miss out factor before buying a sprayer. User-friendliness and safety must be in the best interest while selecting the sprayer.

For example, there shouldn’t be a pain in the palm, even if the sprayer is continuously used for hours.


Every accessory or gadget bought for kitchen use must reduce the work and discomfort.

The same applies to the oil sprayers, too, wherein clogging of pores of sprayer or accumulation of particles of liquids in those pores can make cleaning and maintenance hectic.

Many olive oil sprayers can be easily cleaned by just soaking them in soap water and pulling their trigger and doesn’t require vigorous cleansing or straining.

Therefore, you must choose such easy to clean and maintain structures of oil sprayers.

Area of coverage 

Some sprayers can offer a wide area of coverage in a few considerable numbers of sprays and can cover the entire entity in the pan swiftly.

It is also an essential factor as a larger area of coverage by the sprayer eventually reduces the amount of pumping or manual pressure required for covering large areas.


With the right oil sprayer, you can easily optimize your cooking technique and significantly reduce your cooing time. Misto Olive Oil sprayer paves its way to the top with easy pump technology and extremely user-friendly features.

Ideal Olive Oil Sprayer Mister also incorporates impressive features and is a suitable product for multipurpose use. However, the Misto Olive Oil sprayer is more budget-friendly.

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