Braun FP3020 Food Processor Review (Tried and Tested)

I’ve worked as a Quality Assurance Manager for a little over 10 years in a factory of small appliances, and I can definitely say I’ve got the right stuff when it comes to picking the very best units.

But before we go any further into this matter, Here’s what’s in the review.

Braun Food Processor FP3020 Review

Review Outline

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications
  2. Then we’ll list both positive and negative end-user reviews
  3. In conclusion, I will give this product my final grade

Product Specifications:

  • 600-watt powerful motors
  • Electronically controlled- has variable speed options
  • Sealed bowls prevent leakage
  • For USA(110V) use only
  • Complete control over the food preparation process

Well, it doesn’t look bad so far. But let’s see how the real end-users feel about this product.

Positive User Reviews:

  • I’ve owned this food processor for about 7 years, and I ended up giving the same model to my sister as a birthday present. So far, none of us has any complaints.
  • Simply the best food processor I’ve had so far, and I went through my fair share of those looking for the one.. It saves me so much time and trouble on daily basis…
  • I loved the simplicity…how I can use all the blades and speed variations and the juicer. I had no idea it had so many features, I totally enjoy exploring them..
  • The multi-speed options make my job so much easier. Such a great buy…
  • The first time I ran it on the highest speed setting (14) I expected it to be really loud, but it actually surprised me. If I weren’t the one to turn it on, I probably wouldn’t even know it’s working…
  • Cleans up is a breeze, and the speed controls are right there on the front of the machine and easy to use. I just rinse the bowl with some hot water, and we can go for another round.
  • It’s not really tall so it’s super easy to store. To be honest, with all of the different blades and options, I don’t put it away much anymore, but still, it’s nice to know it’s light enough for me to do it on my own.
  • It works great on cheese, dough, smoothies, herbs, nuts. It simply does what it says it will do, and then it just amazes you with its speed and versatility.
  • Removing, cleaning, or removing the lid off of the work bowl is just so much simpler with this Braun compared to my old food processor. I’m really happy with it…
  • It’s designed so well and it’s so sturdy that I can literally use it with one hand. Such a great and powerful machine. I would definitely recommend it…
  • So far I’ve used this product for salsa, hummus, baby food, smoothies, drinks, vegetables, fruit, nuts. It dices, slices, chops, you name it. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.
  • Everything comes together and apart so easily, and the storing is really easy because this Braun is not too tall or heavy. It gives me so many options that I’m not even sure if I’m going to need them all.
  • It’s super light, and the bowl and the lid simply snap together. It’s just so easy to use. The bowl is just the right size for a perfect batch of any food.

Negative User Reviews:

  • It only lasted for 2.5 years and then it just stopped working. I’m currently waiting for a replacement.
  • Sometimes it vibrates too much if I leave it on for 5 minutes or so on higher speed settings.
  • My previous Braun had a better cutting shield for the blade.
  • I personally believe that a coarse slicer should be a must in every kitchen, and it didn’t come with my Braun.. Plus, it’s not very clear if it comes with a coarse shredder or a coarse grater. The answer is a shredder.

My Final Verdict 

After putting a lot of thought into this and double-checking all the facts and user reviews, I’ve come to a final grade for this product. But first, let’s do a short recap.

This is a great and versatile food processor that gives you many options and comes with loads of attachments. That is obviously a plus.

But I couldn’t help but notice, as an ex Quality Assurance Manager, that it could happen that when you order this product, maybe you get some of the additional attachments and not the basic ones. If this happens, simply contact Braun customer service and have the attachment in question replaced.

If you’re looking for a powerful kitchen machine with countless features, look no further.

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