Brentwood MC-105 Red Mini Food Chopper Review

We’re here today to review one of these guys and see whether it’s a tremendous time-saver or just a waste of money. If I sparked your interest, just sit back and scroll down while I do all the work for you.

Brentwood MC-105 Red Mini Food Chopper Review

A little bit about me

I’ve been writing these reviews and all sorts of blogs concerning different house appliances for years now. I picked up all there is to know about the industry along the way and gladly share my experience with everyone willing to give me the benefit of the doubt.

I know all the good sides, but also all the pitfalls inexperienced customers often wind up in. That’s not going to happen to you if we can help it. And we certainly can.

What can you expect to see here?

Here’s how I usually go about my reviews:

  • First, we’ll take a quick look at the product specification, to get some raw materials to work with later on
  • Then we’ll see how that basic product info holds up when put against the good and bad experiences of the customers
  • Finally, I’ll share my own opinion in the end and tell you whether this food processor is worth your time and money

Simple and straightforward is the way I like it. Compact, informative, honest, and unbiased food processor reviews are my trademark.

Enough with the introduction, let’s get to some real work.

Product Specs?

We need some basic information first, so we can filter what we got here through the impressions of actual users of this food processor.

So, let’s see what the company has for us:

  • Clear plastic 1.5 cup capacity chopping jar
  • Classic red body
  • Super sharp blade made of stainless steel
  • Detachable parts, dishwasher-safe
  • Non-skid base, safety lock lid

It’s like I wrote this specification myself. Short and informative, without any marketing bits and unnecessary glorifying of the product itself.

Positive Reviews

Time to see what the customers liked when using this processor:

  • It’s very compact and does the job I need it to do. I’m buying another one for my daughter, she’s gonna love it! It’s just what my kitchen needed
  • It’s so easy to use even I did it without a problem, and let me tell you, I’m not a tech-savvy person, not by a long shot. It makes chopping veggies or making a ham salad a breeze. It’s also very lightweight and takes up little room on my kitchen counter
  • Amazing little helper in the kitchen! I use it to chop almost anything, carrots, eggs, celery, you name it. It’s very small in size and very handy. My mother with arthritis simply loves it since it saves her so much trouble
  • I like how it won’t turn on unless it’s locked. It makes me feel so much safer than with my previous food chopping thingy. It takes very little cupboard or counter space and it makes one mean guacamole
  • I have a huge food processor I paid a fortune for. I ended up using this little guy like 90% of the time. It’s great for small jobs and saves you from hauling your enormous food processor to chop some veggies. It saves me so much time and I recommend it to everyone
  • I bought this tiny chopper to puree cat food for my cat that has trouble swallowing. I don’t know how it processes anything else since I never used it for it, but for what I needed, it’s amazing. It purees 2 cans of cat food at once and without any problem. It seems surprisingly powerful for its size and it’s very easy to use and clean
  • Great little device for processing small quantities of veggies for salads or cooked dishes. The blades are extremely sharp, and it’s very easy to clean after use. It performs very well, and the price is just right. My Cuisinart is gathering dust in the cupboard ever since I got this handy little chopper. I can see how its size could be a limiting factor with preparing larger amounts of food, but there’s just two of us and it fits our needs perfectly
  • Red is my favorite color and the predominant color in my kitchen. That was the general reason I bought this chopper, that and its compact size. I didn’t expect much for that kind of money, but I must admit that its quality and performance took me by surprise. It’s the best food processor I could get and my kitchen agrees with me

Seems the users loved it. But there’s another side to this story we should check out.

Negative User Impressions

We’ve gone through the PROs, let’s delve into the CONs:

  • It’s very small, so you’ll have to cut some larger vegetables for them to fit the operating cup. Other than that, it’s a great little product and works perfectly
  • I only wished it was a tad bigger. Then I could simply forget about my huge food processor and use this one all the time

My Opinion

This product is a great addition to any kitchen. It’s easy to use and clean, doesn’t hog your entire kitchen counter, performs flawlessly, and the price is more than affordable. Not to mention how safe it is.

Not the best of them, not the worst of them, but if I had to say one thing it would be that it is worth the price and that means something coming from me, especially to those of you who know how much I dislike side-mounted motors.

Jennifer Dumas

My name is Jennifer! Welcome to Dinners and Dreams. My goal here is to encourage you to try out recipes you never thought you could make at home. Furthermore, I also review products that I have used in the past or currently using to make every day buying decisions easier and to ensure you get the best value for your money.

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