Cuisinart DFP-3 Food Processor Review – Here Is Why Cooks Love It!

In this review, discover how the Cuisinart DFP-3 Food Processor works, the pros and cons of using it, and if it’s worth adding to your appliance collection. 

Cuisinart DFP-3 Food Processor Review

Key Features

DFP-3 Food Processor is a complete home appliance that is designed to handle a variety of tough kitchen tasks. Cuisinart is a trademarked brand of kitchenware, including cookware and small appliances such as food processors.

According to Cuisinart, DFP-3 Food Processor has a powerful 300-watt motor that functions well even under heavy usage. It also features a 3.5 cup BPA-free bowl that enables you not only to prepare ingredients but also to store them in the same bowl for later use in another recipe or meal.

Another key feature is that it has an extra-large feed tube that can take ingredients of all sizes, thus eliminating the need to chop a lot before preparing your dish. The bowl also features a one-touch ejection mechanism that lets you easily remove the bowl from the food processor without exerting a lot of effort. 

The bowl locks to the base, thus causing smooth transportation when you need to transfer food processed items from the bowl. 

DFP-3 Food Processor includes a pusher and lid that enables you to add ingredients when processing is in progress or store leftover processed ingredients for later use. The lid also acts as a storage cover for the extra-large feed tube when it is not in use. 

The pusher features a locking mechanism that prevents the pusher from slipping out of place and keeps it in place for a safer food processing experience. 

Besides, it has a control panel with ten control options, including pulse control, speed control, 6-hour delay timer, stop/start button, start switch, and pulse switch. This feature enables you to exert full control of your food processor and set timers so that you can have your food prepared ahead of time.


The Cuisinart DFP-3 Food Processor has a design that looks appealing to the eye. The silver and white color scheme give it a modern appearance that is easy on the eyes. Taking measurements at 13.5 inches long and 10 inches high, it only weighs 6 pounds! This food processor was made for convenience with its small size and lightweight factor (6 pounds).

The one-touch ejection mechanism is an awesome feature to have because you don’t have to spend time pulling the bowl out from under the base like other models in this price range would require you to do. 

All you need do is push down on the lever so that the bowl comes sliding out of place without slipping off your hands, which can be dangerous.

Its official color is silver and white, making it look modern and elegant. The bowl, lid, and pusher are made of clear, durable silver plastic material that you can use with ease. The lid is transparent, so you can easily see the contents of the bowl. 

The base is metallic and gives it a more polished look. The control panel is elegant looking as well because it features a white background with black writings and symbols on it. 

The number pad that’s used to set timers is big enough to make pressing buttons easy for anyone who would like to try using this model.


The Cuisinart DFP-3 Food Processor is a great purchase for any budget. It’s made of durable and strong materials, such as stainless steel, which keeps your food fresh and unharmed by chemicals. The power cord is also 20 feet long, so there won’t be much strain on your outlet!

The downside to this product though is that it’s not equipped with a lot of accessories. Other food processors in this price range come with an attachable tray to keep everything tight together, but not the DFP-3. The attachments can be difficult to clean as well because they are fastened on tightly and can’t be removed easily. 

Moreover, the bowl is quite large, which allows you to process more ingredients for your meals. The only real complaint about the bowl is that the securing mechanism does not work well, and the lid sometimes gets dislodged from its place in the food processor.


The Cuisinart DFP-3 Food Processor is easy to maintain. It does not come with a lot of attachments, which makes the clean-up process simpler. After you are done processing your ingredients, simply remove the bowl from the base and wash it in hot, soapy water. The blades should be removed for easier cleaning afterward.

If there are additional attachments that you need to clean, such as its attachable blade or lid, simply take those parts out and scrub them for a few minutes under running water.


This Cuisinart food processor is priced pretty close to competitors, such as Kitchenaid KFP150BES and Ninja Master Prep Processor System. The price is not low in the end, but you’re paying for a brand name and a quality product that is long-lasting!

Compared to its predecessors such as Cuisinart FP-11, DFP-3 has many improvements since it is a newer model. If you’re looking for an affordable, high-end device to cut your food preparation time, then look no further.


This food processor is a balanced appliance. It’s not the most powerful food processor, but it handles all types of ingredients well without much hassle.

The 300-watt motor works well for distributing the power throughout the base unit. Its maximum speed functions well for milling small amounts of food ingredients. Aside from that, you can opt to use its high-speed function if you need to process a lot of ingredients in a shorter time period, especially if you’re cooking for a large number of people.

With its chopping blade, shredding disc, and dough blade, DFP-3 is designed to process food into different textures.

The shredding disc features a stainless steel blade that’s specially designed for whipping small amounts of food ingredients. You can use the stainless steel shredding blade to prepare a huge variety of foods. It also has a dough blade that allows you to process more ingredients such as nuts, bread crumbs, and herbs easily.

Compared to its competitors, this food processor’s feeding tube is quite large that you can even transfer whole ingredients from the bowl to the base without needing to chop them first. It also features a one-touch ejection mechanism that makes removing the bowl from the base much easier.

The sharp blades in this food processor are all centered, which prevents it from messing up your cupboard space when stored. However, there’s one significant difference between DFP-3 and other food processors in the same price range – its control panel is equipped with ten different controls.

Aside from chopping, shredding, and mixing, DFP-3 can also be used to mix the dough. To do so, just slide the dough blade onto the shaft of the food processor. This food processor also features three different blades that you can mix with to form different textures in your food.

This Cuisinart food processor features a 3.5-cup bowl that’s perfect for small food processing jobs. It can hold up to three pounds of ingredients, which is enough for most tasks. Aside from that, this food processor also features a 6-cup bowl that lets you process larger amounts of ingredients.

Its maximum capacity of five cups makes it ideal for preparing ingredients for a big family.

Take note that it also includes an instruction booklet, a recipe book, and an instruction manual. The recipe book has over 50 recipes that you can use to prepare authentic food from the comfort of your home.

Cuisinart DFP-3 Specs

  • Product Name: Cuisinart DFP-3 Food Processor 
  • Product Braand: Cuisinart
  • Product Type: Food Processor 
  • Product Color: Silver and white
  • Power Source: Electric 
  • Volts: 120V 60Hz 
  • Amperage: 11A 
  • Wattage: 780W 
  • Weight (lbs): 6.5 lbs. 
  • Dimensions (in.): 13.5L x 14W x 10H in.
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty 

The Good

1. Time saver

It’s easier to prepare a meal when you don’t have to do any of the choppings or grinding manually. Instead, you just need to put in the ingredients, put them into the bowl and push a button. The Cuisinart DFP-3 will take care of everything else for you.

2. Convenience

When you’re working overtime, your workspace can be very congested, and may not have enough room for all your appliances and tools.

Of course, food processors are not only useful for preparing foods. It can also be used for other household chores such as kneading bread dough, mixing and whipping up egg recipes, and so on.

This food processor review also discusses how it can help you save time in dealing with such chores.

3. Quantity

Food processors allow you to prepare more foods in a shorter time. With the help of these appliances, you can cut down on your grocery bills by reducing the amount of foods that you need to purchase at the supermarket. 

For instance, it’s quicker to prepare vegetable and meat stocks with a food processor rather than doing it manually using a stockpot. 

The same principle applies to grinding spices.

4. Versatile

A small-sized food processor can be used to process different types of foods. It’s also capable of fulfilling the needs of various people since it can be operated by a single person or a whole family.

However, most food processors today only come with one type of chopping blade. So if you’re planning to prepare a meal, you’ll have to decide which foods will be chopped in advance.

5. Style

Cuisinart DFP-3 food processor has a stylish design that will blend well with your kitchen setting. Choose this appliance and you’ll never have to be bothered about changing its appearance or repainting it every now and then.

6. Ease of use

A food processor’s bowl is usually quite large and can hold up to three pounds of food. This makes it very useful in preparing large amounts of food in a short time.

It does not have any complicated operational buttons. They can be operated by seniors or children with minimal supervision. You won’t have to worry about losing its instruction manual since it comes with basic instructions that are easy to read and understand.

The Bad

1. Slow speed.

The Cuisinart DFP-3 Food Processor does not have a high speed, so it takes quite a while to get the job done. If you are in a hurry or expecting guests anytime soon, then this might not be the appliance for you. 

However, if you have all day to spare and your kitchen counter is close enough to your table, then this is a good appliance for you! 

2. Too much noise.

It has strong motors but it can make quite a bit of noise. If you are cooking with it in your kitchen, you might want to consider getting a simple food grinder to avoid unnecessary noise. 

3. Not dishwasher safe.

The bowls cannot be washed in the dishwasher, as they have a special lid that is not meant to be washed. 

Customer Reviews

Overall, Cuisinart DFP-3 has received a 3.5 out of 5-star rating for customer reviews on Amazon. There are more than 710 food processor reviews that have been left by the customers, and it is a huge number because this is a relatively new food processor. 

Most of the customers were able to get the best out of this food processor in various ways, although there are still some users who think this product is average. Some customers have claimed that this is not what they expected, but perhaps it will be a good product anyway.

This Cuisinart food processor has been upgraded to include a 5-year warranty (limited). It comes with all of the attachments that were in the previous version, which is great for those who are still using the old one. 

Other Amazing Cuisinart Food Processors

Aside from the DFP-3 food processor, we also highly recommend the following food processors:

Cuisinart DFP-14CPY – For Heavy Usage

This is the 14-cup capacity bowl of a DFP-3 food processor from Cuisinart. It has a large safe bowl that can hold up to an entire pound of ingredients, including herbs and nuts.

Other features include a one-touch ejection mechanism that lets you remove the 14-cup bowl without any hassle. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty and an instruction manual. 

Professional cooks and chefs love this Cuisinart product because of its amazing performance. It’s best used for pureeing and chopping vegetables and herbs. You can even use it to grate cheese!

Cuisinart CH-4DC – For Grinding or Milling

This is one of the most powerful food processors on the market today. It has an excellent design that gives it a heavy-duty feel without adding too much weight to your modernized kitchen.

This Cuisinart food processor is the best on the market because of its powerful motor and its easy-to-operate features. The bowl is also large (1.7 quarts), which allows you to process a lot of ingredients at once, such as nuts and spices.

It’s an ideal tool for making sauces, pestos, marinades, hummus, salsa, and more.

Cuisinart DFP-11 – For Mixing

This is a small food processor that’s ideal for grinding, chopping, and mixing a variety of ingredients. It’s also ideal for preparing soups, sauces, and more. 

Cuisinart Elemental – For Budget Buyers

Tight on a budget but still, you need to grind, chop, and blend? Then,  Cuisinart Elemental Food Processor is your way to go. This is an excellent food processor that is designed to handle all of your food preparation needs easily.

It’s also very affordable, which makes it the best bang for your buck. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty from Cuisinart and a recipe book, too.

About Cuisinart

Cuisinart is one of the world’s leading brands in the industry of kitchen appliances.

Since it was established in 1941, it’s continuously improved and developed its products.

More than 60 years since it was first introduced, Cuisinart is still a favorite among consumers due to the quality of its products and the assurance that they will work as advertised. It’s also known for its innovative and unique designs which are reflected in the quality of its products.

For example, it manufactures a wide range of products that feature state-of-the-art technology such as the Cuisinart ice cream maker and the food processor.

Should you buy it? (My Verdict)

Cuisinart DFP-3 Food Processor is an excellent purchase for those who want to prepare a lot of food with only one appliance. It has all of the features you need, such as slicing, shredding, and grating. 

The price is also highly affordable considering its quality and performance. If you are looking for a food processor that can do it all at once, then this is the product to buy! Cuisinart DFP-3 Food Processor is great for anyone who wants to prepare food quickly and easily. It’s not the most powerful food processor on the market, but it functions well.

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