Gum Mastic Ice Cream

Gum Mastice Ice Cream

While the first batch of the mastic pudding I made a couple of days ago was baking in the oven, the second one was churning in the ice cream machine.

Even though mastic is so sticky, the ice cream is not as resinous as I thought it would be, it doesn’t hold on to the spoon like glue (I was hoping it would.) It has the texture of regular ice cream but with a very distinguishable flavor.

It tastes very aromatic, very Levantine. Its aroma is evocative of baklava shops, Turkish delight, Aleppo souks, and Moroccan weddings.

To make this ice cream, simply prepare mastic pudding and churn it in the ice cream machine instead of baking it. Transfer it to a lidded container and freeze it until set.

Jennifer Dumas

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