Kale Smoothie

kale smoothie

This one is another way I’m learning to love kale. If you ever get leftover when making tabbouleh, you can blend it into a smoothie with blueberries and banana.

It is delicious and best of all, blended well into the mix the kale is barely recognizable. I thought I’d share this smoothie with you in case you too are developing a liking for kale. We could all add more greens to our life, couldn’t we?

This smoothie may not look green but it has a whopping full cup of kale. The anthocyanins in blueberries give them a strong pigmentation that covers the color of  other ingredients. Not that we mind; a purple smoothie is a gorgeous smoothie to sip on.

On another note, I have finally received my master’s degree (in education with an emphasis on language teaching — no surprises, I haven’t switched to biochemistry midway). I have been done since April but wanted to wait to have my diploma in hand before really saying so. I’m so happy to be finished with  school forever and ever and ever and ever. It’s a great feeling. Hopefully, my incessant griping about homework, deadlines and feeling overwhelmed will be over, and this blog will be a whine-free zone once again. Wait, has it ever been?

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