Absinthe Tea

Absinthe Tea

A glass of tea with absinthe (Sheeba in Arabic), that is Absinthe Tea, is summertime as well as a wintertime treat. When I can get my hands on it, it’s in the summer that I prefer to drink it because of its cooling virtues.

People with hot flashes, especially, do appreciate a good cup of absinthe tea. It is often combined with mint for an ultra-refreshing effect. Absinthe is also a great digestive.

If you like ingredients with a slightly bitter taste, say grapefruit or asparagus, you’ll love absinthe which also has a lovely desert wildflower aroma.

Absinthe is readily available in Morocco both in fresh and dried form. In the US, it can be purchased dried online. I have never seen it fresh in Florida but I know it can be grown easily and with minimal care in a home garden.

How to make Absinthe Tea

To make absinthe tea, simply add a sprig of absinthe to your cup of hot mint tea.

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