Where To Find Commercial Coffee Machine Rental In California

With the rapid growth in the coffee business, commercial coffee machine rental has started to boom as well. We do not always have too much to spare so instead of purchasing a brand new coffee machine, we opt for a lease instead. 

Leasing commercial coffee machines often give one the chance to monitor your flow of cash more effectively because installments are predictable. With leasing, you can reduce the rate at which you tie up lines of credit. 

More importantly, feasible cash could be used to develop other sections of the company. Below are some of the coffee machine rental companies in California:

Where To Find Commercial Coffee Machine Rental In California

The Coffee Broker

Looking for a first-class office coffee service? The coffee Broker is probably the one for you, it offers first-class office coffee service across the whole of San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, California. 

They provide commercial coffee machines for homes, offices, and restaurants who cannot afford to buy a brand new product.

Here at The Coffee Broker, customer satisfaction is a top priority. 

You will always be in contact with people who have your interest at heart. They always try to listen to customers’ complaints and offer an immediate solution. 

When products are ordered, they ensure that they get to you quickly and smoothly without any tussle. High trained and well-equipped repair technicians are only a call away. Those technicians offer professional and quick assistance.

Espresso Etc!

The Espresso Etc! is your best bet for office coffee services in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara and beyond.

The ESPRESSO-ETC! super-automatic espresso machines practically do everything for you. It saves you stress, time, and even money. Just at the push of a single button, this automated coffee maker gets your mug of coffee ready. It also serves other Espresso drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos without the trouble and protocols of the traditional machines. 

After making coffee, the machine gets cleaned up by itself just at the push of a single button. The Espresso Etc! Super-automatic espressos are suitable for everyone because it requires absolutely no prior experience.

A glaring difference between Espresso-Etc! and their competition is in their services and programming options. 

Other machines require you to key in your drink selection manually but with Espresso-Etc!’s one-touch profile for preset, you needn’t go through that hassle. And of course, the taste of their coffee is spectacular.

Coffee Machine Depot USA

A quality commercial espresso machine is the secret to that amazing coffee made by baristas at your favorite restaurant or cafes. 

At Coffee Machine Depot USA, coffee is passion, hence the reason they have provided various models of new and extremely well built commercial espresso machines designed by Nuova Simonelli, La Marzoccco, and many others.

The Coffee Machine Depot USA fixes and repairs the best second-hand commercial espresso machine and commercial espresso grinders so that our customers still get quality and reliable products even with very little. 

You can always consult their buying guide or give them a call if you are confused about which new or second-hand commercial espresso machine to choose. 

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Silver Chef

Whether you are new to the business or you are looking for a replacement for your worn-out coffee machine, the Silver Chef is a popular coffee machine supplier that provides a wide variety of commercial coffee Machines. 

Interestingly, whatever your specifications are when it comes to commercial coffee makers, the silver chef is fit to cater to your needs.

Indeed, their fairly used coffee machines do make the grade, passing through a meticulous six-stage renovation process to make sure that customers are graced with the perfect cup of coffee at all times. 

The taste of a brew depends mainly on the efficiency of the machine.

All of their fairly used products up for lease are backed with a 3-month warranty to boost customer’s confidence and, in that way, they find out by themselves if their product is actually what they say it is. Do feel free to rent your commercial coffee machine at Silver Chef to get the best product and the best services. 

Interestingly, at Silver Chef, they offer a Rent-Try-Buy package that gives you the opportunity to try out a product before you buy or rent it.

All Pro Beverage

In Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and beyond, All pro Beverage remains your best choice when it comes to office coffee service. 

In addition to other lines of office and recess room supplies, they supply super-automatic espresso machines for your premium cup of coffee anytime any day for your employees and guests alike.

All Pro Beverage is in collaboration with Infinity leasing, a financial institution that is committed to providing customized financial solutions to address the needs of growing businesses. 

They operate directly with equipment brokers to set up transactions from $2500 to $15000000 with terms ranging from one to seven years.

Some companies, especially newly founded companies, most times have an irregular flow of income. Most times these start-up companies are characterized by little cash and limited debt lines. In situations like this,  All pro beverage offers you the opportunity to lease the equipment you need rather than purchasing them. 

Leasing has proven to be an effective means of conserving cash especially if you do not have much to spare. Even if you do have much to spare, you should consider investing them in other areas of your coffee shop.

 No matter what you do and on what scale you are operating, we structure a lease plan to fit your situation and meet your specific requirements.

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Why Consider Commercial Coffee Machine Rental?

Better Cash Flow

Leasing frees tied-up capital. With coffee vending machine rental, a leased commercial coffee machine would pay off its own debt and might also create an extra source of income for the owner. 

This way, both the feasible cash and the machine are working assets that would generate extra income. This is particularly helpful in times of recession and high- inflation.

Helps Achieve A Higher Net Worth

The coffee machine leasing option can enhance your financial status and elevate your net worth. Payments made on lease every month is regarded as expenses while paying back a loan is considered paying back a debt. 

A higher net worth from equipment leasing could be more alluring to other people who might want to lease or even buy them.

Gets Rid of Any Budget Restrictions

If your budget is limited, making it impossible for you to buy new equipment or to procure fixed assets, a lease arrangement may still be workable. 

This is possible for branch operations of large establishments, non-profit making organizations, hospitals, and government districts.

Projects Your Costs Better

Leasing promotes certainty and gets rid of guesswork. A person who is making payments on lease over a period of time must have gotten used to the whole drill. 

Depreciation figures aren’t questioned and one doesn’t have to re-estimate interest cost each time. With leasing, presumptions are kept out of budgeting.

Makes Upgrades Seamless

Another benefit of leasing over buying is that you do not own the device so it would be easier for you to step up your game when that lease runs out of you so desire. It allows you to keep up with the latest technology even with very little money. 

The value of assets depreciates over time so it wouldn’t be totally wrong to say that it is actually wiser to lease than to buy.

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Easier Access To Premium Quality

With the option of leasing, you do not need to settle for low-quality products because you are not buoyant enough. Leasing makes the best quality products available for you at the littlest prices, thus making everything you need affordable now.

Improved Flexibility

Payments on a lease can be arranged to suit the pattern of cash flow in your company. That way you do not have to remain in debt. For instance, if you have a low cash flow, you can break down your monthly installments into smaller bits so you do not overwhelm yourself. 

Upon termination of your lease agreement, you are given an option to either renew, purchase or return the equipment.

The Tax-Related Advantages

When you lease your coffee machine instead of purchasing, it permits you to expense your equipment costs. 

This implies that your lease payments can always be debited. In contrast, making purchases basically permits you to withdraw a limited amount of equipment worth in the year it was bought (as part of first-year expenses).

Subsequently, anything higher than that amount gets depreciated and you might not be able to recover your full expenditure. Instead of going through the hassles of depreciation schedule and Alternate Minimum tax, it is advisable to simply opt for lease payment and minus installments.


Since most companies who retail coffee machines have realized the need and benefits of leasing, they have added commercial coffee machine rentals to their range of services. This allows cafe owners to enjoy the advantages of new improved coffee makers even when they do not have money for direct purchase.

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