How to Make Preserved Garlic

I preserve garlic and keep it in the refrigerator for weeks for those instances when I don’t have much time for chopping and mincing.

Nothing beats the strong taste of fresh garlic but preserved garlic, to me, is a close second. I can’t stand the funky taste and spongy texture of garlic that comes in a jar but this preserved garlic is different. The olive oil totally preserves the taste and freshness of the garlic.

When refrigerated, the garlic and olive oil turn into a solid butter-like substance that’s easy to spoon out, melts right onto a hot pan upon contact and comes in handy when making dinner.

Some grocery stores sell already peeled fresh garlic. That’s what I use to prepare garlic in advance. I prepare about half a pound of garlic at a time.

Preserved Garlic in Olive Oil Recipe


  • Peeled garlic cloves
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Enough olive oil to cover the garlic


Step 1: Process the garlic in a food processor until very finely minced.

Step 2: Transfer it to a jar, add the lemon juice and pour in enough olive oil to cover the garlic.

Step 3: Close the jar tightly and refrigerate for up to 3 weeks.

¼ teaspoon of prepared garlic is equivalent to 1 fresh garlic clove.

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