What are Convertible Range Hoods (Should You Really Buy Them?)

We know that Range hood filters are a must-have in your kitchen these days. People, however, do not sometimes know the type of range hood to install that would fit their kitchen. In this article, we would be discussing Convertible Range hoods and trying to help you find out if they are perfect for your kitchen.

Keeping a range hood for too long might make it begin to function less. You might also begin to clean the filters too often. It is at this point you either need to change your filter systems or convert them if you have a convertible range hood. Having a ducted venting system or a ductless model is nice, but have you considered convertible ranges?

Briefly, a convertible range hood is a model that can either be installed with a vent or without a vent. If it is being used as a ductless solution, then it would need a filter, but if it is used as a ducted model, it would need the installation of vents.

Usually, a convertible range hood can be installed with a seven inch round duct or a three and a half-inch vertical or horizontal duct.

What are Convertible Range Hoods

Installation as a Vented Range Hood

We have written extensively about how vented range hoods work in our previous article, but for the sake of completely understanding where we are coming from, we’d briefly explain vented range hoods.

Vented range hoods are kitchen filters that have all the grease, dust, and smoke vented to the exterior of the building through ductwork. Ductwork is just a network of pipes that run through the roof to make the venting of nasty gases to the exterior is possible.

Usually, the vent passes through the roof or the wall to the exterior. We have a comprehensive article about that which also explains how to install range hood vents manually. You should check it out to get started.

Using a convertible range hood in the vent model is highly advisable because it becomes more efficient even if it is fairly expensive to set up because of the cost of installation of vents.

Setting up our convertible range in the vent manner didn’t come without its disadvantages, which includes that it does not make sense to set up the vent model in a small kitchen.

This is because it would make your kitchen look smaller and might not feel good. Other than that, it is the perfect choice when it comes to efficiency, cost reduction in the long run, and even noise reduction. If you are considering using your convertible hood in a restaurant-grade kitchen, then using the Ducted model is most probably the way to go.


Efficiency is not compromised: If you somehow choose to use the ducted filter system for your convertible range hood, then you can be rest assured that efficiency would not be compromised.

Unlike the ductless model that recirculates air causing some minor issues, the ducted system vents all types of nonsense out of your kitchen, keeping it homely or professional looking. Even though it depends on how good the ductwork is installed, A ducted system is a good choice to make.

Noise: This also depends on the quality of the ductwork installation, but the ducted model should generally help reduce the noise in the kitchen, unlike the ductless counterpart that is considered loud.


Cost: One of the most said issues of the ducted system is that it is a little on the expensive side. This can be true because it should cost you anything from $1000 to $5000 to install quality ductwork.

This is what chases a majority of people to the ductless version. This is not something we take seriously because once it is set up, you do need to change filters or any of such, all you have to do is clean it. We understand if you do not have that much to invest in a venting system.

Electricity Bill: Your electricity bill is another thing to be considered when choosing the ducted vents. This is because more power is needed to force the air in the vents completely to the outside. If you are on a tight budget for your electricity, then you should probably choose to install your convertible range hood the ductless way.

Installation as a Ductless Range model

Again we have an extensive article explaining how the ductless model works, and you should check it out to get more information. For the article, we would be describing how the Convertible range designs work as the ductless range model.

The ductless range model doesn’t need a vent or ductwork to function. This is because it sucks the grease, nasty air, or smoke in the kitchen and traps it in there before recirculating it back into the kitchen.

If you choose to install your Convertible Rangehood as a Ductless model, then you would enjoy the advantage of placing it anywhere. This does not take up too much space in your kitchen, making it the perfect choice for small-sized kitchens that do not have space to accommodate ductwork.

The ductless range model can come with either the fabric grease filter, the charcoal filter, or the metallic grease filter. Only the ductless range that comes with a grease filter can be cleansed; others have filters that should be replaced at least once in two months. The ductless model also has its cons and pros, and we would be discussing them briefly.


Ease of Installation: Like it or not, this model is the best when it comes to the ease of installation. You need no installation of ductwork either by a professional or by yourself for it to be able to function. All you have to do is buy a filter for your convertible hood, and you are good to go.

Zero congestion look: If your kitchen has less space and you choose to use your convertible range hood in the ductless style, then you made the right choice. The vent is known to take up space in the kitchen, but going ductless eliminates a chance of your kitchen looking clumsy and congested. Perfect for your home.


Funny Atmosphere: Since the ductless models do not entirely vent the air to the exterior, it makes the air in the kitchen humid, making it not feel natural.

Choosing the ductless model could have its advantages, but this is a major reason people do not like to use their convertible ranges as ductless models. If humidity is not an issue to you, then this should not be an issue.

Cleanliness: Cleanliness is another thing that is considered. This is because, except for the metallic grease filter model, the ductless range hood cannot be cleaned. In the stead, they should be replaced.

This does not look like an issue at first thought, but when you consider the fact that it would cost you to replace the filters constantly, then you would understand. It is advised that you replace these filters at least once in two or three months.

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Frequently Asked Convertible Range Hood Questions

What kind of material should I invest in?: There are a variety of materials that are in the market these days, and most of them cannot be called outright bad or good, it just totally depends on your taste and how you want your kitchen to feel. We love anything with curved sides and are made up of durable stainless steel to give our kitchen a beautiful and sleek look.

What system is the most affordable to use with my convertible range hood

The answer to this question is relative and differs from person to person. However, it would most likely depend on your needs. If you are the kind of person that constantly moves between rented apartments, then going the ductless way would be pretty much less expensive because you have to spend about $15 to $30 in changing the filters.

The ducted solution is similar to a permanent solution, and if you do not own the house or plan to stay there for a long while, it doesn’t make sense to install a long term ducted solution that would cost you anything between $1000 to $3000(including the labor, convertible hood, and ductwork fees).

What we recommend.

With these said, it is left to you to choose what you want to do with your Convertible range hood. We advise that you make a rough list of what you are hoping to achieve in your kitchen. Ask yourself questions like, Do I have enough space to accommodate a vent?

Can I afford the one time fee for the set up of the ductwork, or I want to follow the guide to install it myself? Can I cope with just a little noise? These questions matter when it comes to choosing what you want to use your convertibles for. It is not a one size fits all kind of thing.

Also, we advise you to get a good quality range hood. This might cost a little more than usual, but it is worth it. This is to ensure you have a good sucking power to move all the air outside if you choose to use it as a ducted model.

Long term durability and efficiency would definitely not be a problem if you pick the right product for yourself. The amount you are willing to invest in a convertible hood would also determine the kind of quality you’d end up with.

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