How to Supreme Citrus Fruits

How to supreme a citrus fruit step 1

No one has poorer knife skills than I do. I mean no one. My modus operandi is to proceed super slowly while whispering a prayer with every move. When it comes to anything involving a knife, if I can do it so can anybody.

The season’s gorgeous blood oranges, navels, grapefruits beg to be segmented. They’re even prettier so and make a beautiful garnish for salads, entrees, and desserts. My favorite way to use them is on top of cakes and as a crêpe filling/topping.

On a cutting board, cut both ends of the citrus fruit.

How to supreme a citrus fruit step 1

Secure the fruit with one hand. Use a sharp ceramic knife to peel it from top to bottom, removing the skin and pith, and following the contour of the fruit.

How to supreme a citrus fruit step 2

Supreme the fruit by cutting out each segment from between the skin walls.

How to supreme a citrus fruit step 3


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