10 Best Ceramic Knives for 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Ceramic knives are not like Santoku Knives or other traditional knives that need regular sharpening and honing rather than that ceramic knives are capable of being sharp for a substantial time.

But how do you pick one out of the hundreds available in the market? One that will last for years without the hassle of having to sharpen too often?

Don’t worry, we did that for you. Whether you want finely chopped veggies or want to cut meat, here are the best ceramic knives for all needs.

Best Ceramic Knives Reviewed

#1: Wolf War Professional Ceramic Knife Set

Kitchen Ceramic Knife Set Professional Knife With Sheaths, Super Sharp Rust Proof Stain Resistant (6" Chef Knife, 5" Utility Knife, 4" Fruit Knife, 3" Paring Knife, One Peeler)
  • HEALTHY AND SAFE: rust-proof, stain-proof, hygiene and never corrodes.ceramic does not absorb any food element, not any taste or strange smell will be left on the blade
  • SHARP AND HARD-WEARING: it is made of zirconia ceramics and almost as hard as diamond, so it is also called “Gem Knife” or “Noble Knife”. Super sharp and wear resistant, works best for slicing boneless meats, fruits and vegetable
  • LIGHT WEIGHT AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN: typically half weight of the metal knife, highly controlled grip, ergonomic arched handle provides unique support for maximum performance
  • NON-REACTIVE BLADE: made of zirconia ceramics, keep the original taste, smell and color of your food, maintain the food's freshness and nutrition
  • A WORD OF CAUTION: the ceramic blades are fragile and maybe chip or break if you attempt to cut bone, frozen food or accidently drop the knife

Opting a set of knives that is hygienic and fulfills all the quality standards. Omen of the most important approval if the FDA approval that denotes the quality of any cookware.

These ceramic knives are quite healthy and safe as they are BPA free and FDA approved. With the rustproof feature, you can shed off the stress for getting rusted.

Apart from this, it is hygienic and stain-proof which helps not to get corroded easily. It is the natural property of ceramic that doesn’t absorb any food.

With the sharp and hard weary design of this zirconia made ceramic knife you can easily slice off boneless meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Due to its hard properties, it is also known as “Gem Knife” or “Noble Knife”. On the safety front, it provides ultimate safety due to its ergonomic arched handle. With a high controlled grip, one can attain maximum performance with this knife.

Apart from these features there are seem of the concerns that make this ceramic blade a fragile one. If you are using it for cutting bones or frozen food then it may get the chip off easily.

This is one of the healthy assistants of your kitchen that provides ultimate safety. Proper usage of these knives can help you a lot in making your cooking rituals easy.

What we like:

  • Rustproof feature
  • Made of zirconia ceramics
  • Super sharp and wear-resistant
  • Highly controlled grip
  • Ergonomic arched handle
  • Y Shape Vegetable Peeler

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#2: WACOOL 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

WACOOL Ceramic Knife Set 3-Piece (Includes 6-inch Chef's Knife, 5-inch Utility Knife and 4-inch Fruit Paring Knife), with 3 Knife Sheaths for Each Blade (Black Blade)
  • The ceramic knife delivers exceptionally less surface resistance and a ruthlessly razor sharp edge. You need to try it to believe it.
  • Ultra sharp, will never rust. Spectacularly light, with a perfectly engineered balance and 15x the edge retainment of steel.
  • Made from a proprietary blend of the highest quality zirconia and forged utilizing state of the art Cold Isostatic Pressing process (CIP) before being super heated, our blades are sharper, harder, stronger, lighter, and more beautiful.
  • Classic black blade and black handle. Include matching sheaths for each blade. The set includes: 6" Chef knife, 4" Paring knife, 5" Utility knife.
  • Best gift for your family, friend and yourself. We stand behind our product with Life-Time Warranty. Contact us if there is any issue.

This is one of the sets of knives that can deliver some of the exceptional surface area as well as sharp edges from cutting, with the ultimate sharpness of the blade you can easily slice or chop off the desired ingredients.

It is one of the best and lightest product in comparison to its peers. The perfectly balanced engineering makes it 15 times accurate than other traditional ones.

One of the innovative approaches in the manufacturing of this piece is the Cold Isostatic Pressing process (CIP) that gives it a harder and sharper feature.

It is equipped with a classic white blade and black handle. With the BPA free quality checked sheaths one can get a perfect set of knives.

This is one of the knives set that is capable of providing ultimate customer satisfaction due to its effective feature. This knife is one of the best rust proof knives that is quite good for regular usage.

The set of knives contains Chef Knife (6″), Utility Knife (5″), Slicing Paring Knife (4″) and Perfect Fit Sheaths for Each Blade. There are some of the precautionary measures that keep the longevity of the blade intact.

These should be used on wooden, plastic or bamboo cutting boards only. If you are using it anywhere else then that may cause the blade to chip off or break.

What we like:

  • Razor-sharp edge
  • 15x the edge retainment of steel.
  • Highest quality zirconia
  • Cold Isostatic Pressing process
  • BPA free
  • Perfectly engineered balance
  • Ultra-light for nimble use
  • Soft Touch Handle

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#3: TAKIUP 6 Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Ceramic Knife Set, 6 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Sheath Covers and Peeler Set - kitchen Chef Chef's Paring Bread Set
  • HEALTH AND DURABLE - Ceramic knife made from zirconium oxide, health environmental protection, and ceramic coating will not transfer food odors
  • QUALITY KNIFE SETS - 6 piece kitchen knife set with 5 Sheath Covers include 6" Serrated Bread Knife, 6" Chef Knife, 5" Slicing Knife, 4" Utility Knife, 3" Paring Knife, and a Peeler
  • SCIENTIFIC DESIGN - Color coding reduces the risk of cross-use during food preparation.Portable paring knife with sheath, the best choice for outdoor picnic
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - Professional knife set is perfectly weighted with comfort grip handles to give you balanced chopping and carving control
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEAS ¡§C We stand behind our knives and customers with a 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. A nice gift for your family and friend. Our Ceramic Knife will bring a wonderful experience to you

With these sets of knives, you can expect durability at its best as these are made up go zirconium oxide that never rusts. With the ultimate health protection coating, you can expect healthy protection that restricts the bade to transfer food odors.

This 6 piece knife set comes with 5 Sheath Cover, Serrated Bread Knife (6-inches), 6″ Chef Knife, 5″ Slicing Knife, 4″ Utility Knife, 3″ Paring Knife, and a Peeler.

When it comes to design the inclusion of color-coding helps to restrict the cross-contamination. It is quite preferable for outdoor cooking.

The lightweight and comfortable approach of these professional knife set help you to get a comfort grip that is preferable for precise chopping and carving. If you are planning to gift somebody then this is one of the best gifts for the cooking lovers.

With these super hard, sharp blade knives you can be stress-free for them to get blunt, it is preferred mostly for cutting and slicing of fruits, bread, vegetables & boneless meats.

There are some of the precautions while using these knives for safety and longevity such as keeping it away from children and retrain yourself from cutting hard food. With these precautions, one can attain lost longing usage of these knives.

What we like:

  • Portable paring knife
  • Comfort grip handles
  • High-density and sharp blade

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#4: Ceramic Knife Set by IMORI

Best Ceramic Knife Set by IMORI – 3 Chef Rated Blades with SafeEdge Back Corners (6" Chef + 5" Slicing knife + 4" Paring)
  • CUT LIKE NEVER BEFORE - Slicing, dicing and chopping become effortless and enjoyable. IMORI knives aren’t like traditional kitchen knives. Made with high-grade zirconia, second in hardness only to diamond, our ceramic blades will stay ultrasharp up to ten times longer than steel. Plus, they are rust and stain proof and will not transfer odors or tastes, keeping your flavors clean and fresh
  • SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST - Our 6" chef knife, 5" slicing knife, and 4" paring knife are designed with rounded SafeEdge back corners, usually only found on more expensive cutlery, and fitted with custom sheaths for safe storage. Additionally, they feature ergonomic non-slip handles and are chef-rated for quality
  • YOUR KITCHEN DESERVES KNIVES THIS STYLISH AND SHARP - IMORI ceramic knives are precision instruments that cut like no other while brightening up your kitchen. Store them snugly inside our protective gift box or keep them handy in your kitchen drawer, where their stylish orange color will make them stand out
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We trust that you'll love your knives. But if you don't, simply return the complete set in its original packaging and get a full refund
  • WHY IMORI? - Our mission is to serve the home chef. Those who, like us, love to plan, prepare, cook, and without a doubt, enjoy. We know it’s all in the details, that’s why we never compromise on quality and customer service—no matter what’s cooking

This set of knives can provide you an efficient slicing, dicing and chopping experience. The effortless usage of these knives is due to the best in class features. One should get it clear that these are like traditional knives.

These are constructed with yop grade zirconia that can provide maximum durability and hardness. In addition to the rust-free feature of these knives makes it quite preferable for ultimate hygiene.

If you are looking for one of the safest knife sets then this set is the ideal one. It contains a 6″ chef knife, a 5″ slicing knife, and a top-notch paring knife that features ergonomic handles for the best gripping altogether. Another thing that makes these knives good is the easy-to-clean attribute.

These set of knives are way stylish and provides an apt aesthetic that can make your kitchen shelf worth compliments. The professional chef often prefers them for effective usage.

Apart from these, there are other attributes such as rounded safe edge back corners that provide ultimate safety while using. If you are planning to buy a set of knives then this is worth giving a try due to its exemplary features.

What we like:

  • High-grade zirconia
  • Rounded Safe Edge back corners
  • Ergonomic non-slip handles
  • Superior cutting
  • 8 to 10 times longer

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#5: Jeslon 4 Piece Multi Colour Ceramic Knives

Jeslon Chef Knives Set, 4 Piece Multi Color Ceramic Knives, 3inch Paring Knife, 4inch Fruit Knife, 5inch Utility Knife, 6inch Chef Knife
  • ❤️ Healthy and Safe ❤️ : Made of Zirconia which is the top fiber material in the world, BPA free. Hardness and no chemical reaction to other food, keep your food with its original taste, color, freshness and nutrition.
  • ❤️ Ergonomic Design and Lightweight ❤️ : Designed with Ergonomic handles for a good comfortable grip, easy to hold. Instead of heavy weight of normal metal knife, lightweight ceramic knives is handy for carrying and storing, allowing you enjoy cooking. Besides, very sharp and cut though anything with ease.
  • ❤️ EASY TO CLEAN ❤️: Ceramic does not absorb any food elements, better than stainless steel tools, Keep your food in its original flavor. allows just a quick rinse and wipe with a kitchen towel.
  • ❤️Not rust❤️: Everything in your new ceramic knife kit is Ultra sharp, will never rust, nor absorb oils, odors, or salts and easy to clean, plus our zirconia hard blades are impervious to anything in the kitchen they will ever come into contact with when you're cooking.
  • ❤️ Ideal Gift Choice ❤️ : Cooking knives set comes in a well-designed, good quality, This Jeslon ceramic knife set is an ideal gift for your parents,lovers,friends and those who cook in your life on their birthday,important festival or just a souvenir in daily life.

Jeslon Chef Knives Set are healthy and safe as these are made of best in class fiber material that is BPA free and FDA approved. These attributes provide much hardness and also no chemical reaction occurs that keeps your food to attain its freshness, nutrition, and original taste.

The ergonomic design provides this a lightweight and good comfortable grip. The easy to hold feature provides good and efficient cutting and slicing experience.

The perfect weight of the knife makes it quite comfortable to hold and also gives you a good angle to chop and carve. You can clean this knife easily just with a quick rinse and wipe off the towel.

This can be one of the best gifting options for those cooking lovers who are quite adamant to attain a piece of good cooking equipment.

These knives are best for those who give much time in preparing their ingredients, this will provide an effective cutting and chopping of your vegetables and fruits. With these knives, one can get a superior cutting experience.

Included in this set are 6″ Chef’s Knife, 5″ Utility Knife, 4″ Paring Knife, 3” Fruit Knife. With the 6″ Chef’s Knife, you get a curved blade that allows the chopping motion to be quick and smooth.

As these all are quite sharp one should give immense attention while cutting. The 5” Utility Knife has a narrower blasé that is perfect for fine chopping. And to top it all, you can grab this knife set for less than $100.

What we like:

  • Pure advanced ceramic blade
  • Non-allergenic
  • Nonmagnetic
  • Made with ABS material
  • BPA free
  • Top fiber material

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#6: Shenzhen 3-piece Ceramic Knife Set

Shenzhen Knives White Ceramic Knife Set - 3-Piece Kitchen Knives Bundle: 6" Chef's, 5" Slicing, and 4" Paring Knife. Lightweight Kitchen Cutlery for Precision Slicing and Cooking
  • 3 PIECE CERAMIC KNIFE SET: includes our 6.5" Chef's Knife, 5" Slicing Knife and 4" Paring Knife. To sharpen and maintain our knives, use our Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Wheel Knife Sharpener
  • STAY SHARPER LONGER THAN STEEL KNIVES: Harder than steel and will hold edge longer than a steel blade, so you don't need to sharpen as often.
  • PRECISION SLICING: Our blades are made for precision slicing of soft meats and soft fruits & vegetables. Not for bones, breads, hard surfaces, cheeses and hard/frozen foods. Refrain from carving, striking, and smashing
  • REINFORCED BLADE AND REDESIGNED HANDLE: Based on user feedback, we reinforced our blade and redesigned the handle to address any blade issues (update: 2015).

Shenzen Knives’ is the classic 3pieces set of ceramic knife that consists of a par quality blade that helps in cutting. It features a 6.5-inch chef’s knife, 5-inch slicing knife, and a 4-inch paring knife.

These ceramic knives blades are quite harder and lighter that keeps them sharper for a long time. Of you want to attain a good experience of chopping while cooking then this is the ideal piece for you.

It is a professional quality knife that is set for providing ultimate abilities for all the chopping and cutting needs. With these you can perform heavy carving, smashing or slicing of hard and frozen foods.

The non-rusting blade is equipped with a lightweight design that readily fights against rust and corrosion. These are resistant to oils and acids as well as germs.

The ways to clean approach enables you to clean the food particles effectively, with the uniquely designed handles these knives get a durable and comfortable handle that is ample for having efficient cutting chores.

You can easily get fine slices of any vegetable or fruits with these knives. The method of manufacturing these is quite delicate and manufactured by dry pressing zirconia powder and making the blanks go through an advanced heating process that provides durability at its core.

The material of these knives is capable of maintaining its sharpness more than usual still knives so you won’t have to sharpen the knife often and when you need to, included in the package is a 2-stage electric knife sharpener that gets the job done in a jiffy.

What we like:

  • Lightweight
  • Flat silver blades
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Electric 2-stage electric diamond knife sharpener

#7: Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-inch Professional Chef’s Knife

Kyocera Revolution Kitchen Knife, 7-inch Professional, Black
  • Culinary Companion: Explore the world of Kyocera ceramic knives with our Ceramic Revolution Series Professional Chef Knife, tailored for cooks seeking exceptional value and performance in the kitchen.
  • Hand-sharpened Proprietary Blades: Made from Kyocera's zirconia material, our Japanese knife blades offer superior quality and performance. With exceptional durability, they outlast traditional blades by up to 10 times. A must-have for your kitchen.
  • Lightweight Chef Knife: Enjoy the convenience of lightweight knives that offer effortless handling and cleaning. The non-reactive ceramic material prevents oxidation, preserving the freshness of your ingredients for flavorful, healthy cooking.
  • Versatile and Reliable: From slicing fruits and vegetables to handling boneless meats, these knives excel in various kitchen tasks. Please note that they are not suitable for hard or frozen foods, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  • Complete Set: Unleash your cooking potential with the 7” or 8” Professional Ceramic Chef Knife. Replace your kitchen gadgets with these knives and embark on a culinary journey with confidence.

This Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series comes with a ceramic blade that is made up of zirconia material of bet quality and aesthetics.

With the ultimate sharp and advanced ceramic blades, you will be able to maintain the edges comparative to traditional ones. These are lightweight that provides a good cutting ability.

With easy to clean feature, you will get a rust-resistant knife that helps to maintain hygiene. These professionally apt blades are quite ideal for slicing and cutting of the meats and vegetables.

This knife is quite professional in its approach and preferred by chefs also.

With the ergonomic design, you will get less fatigue while cutting or slicing with this knife. It is equipped with beveled doubled sided cutting edge will provide slice thin fruits and vegetables. It provides straight cuts of vegetables and fruits and also to the boneless fish or meat.

With these there are some precautions should be taken to attain longevity. One should avoid using it with plastic or on marble or wood. These cause the sharpness to be gone.

These are not able to perform some of the chores such as cutting hard foods, carving, prying and boning. It is not capable of providing much efficiency while twisting or flexing.

You can clean it in your dishwasher too as it safe to do so just you have to keep it above the other utensils.

What we like:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Advanced ceramic blades
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust-proof
  • Beveled doubled-sided
  • Less-intrusive cuts

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#8:  Tyeideas Ceramic Knife Set

If you want to avail a professional ceramic knife that is designed for accurate cutting and related works then it is the ideal product for you. The ultra-sharp and lightweight design of this knife set are way ample for your kitchen chores.

With the much thicker blades that are wrapped by the handle provides ultimate durability and strength. The durability of these knives is better than most of their peers. With the easy cleaning future of these knives, one can easily clean the knife with just a quick rinse.

This so one of the knives set that is loved by the professionals as well as the avid lovers of cooking. This is one of the effective rustproof cookware. This set of knives provides an easy pairing for slicing and cutting.

If you are availing this set then it surely going to compliment your cutlery set. With e easy to use the feature it is quite comfortable in the grip. The ergonomic design of these knives gives them a massive advantage.

With the ultra-sharp blade, one can get efficient cutting also. The surface of the blade is polished by diamond dust that provides extended life to the sharpness without much effort.

For maximum safety, it is equipped with a finger guard that helps while cutting. With the beautiful packaging and aesthetics, you will surely love this set of knives.

What we like:             

  • Precision cutting
  • Thicker blades
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Sharp non-corrosive blades
  • Finger guard

#9: Coiwin Kitchen Cutlery White Ceramic Knife Set

If you want to have an extremely sharp knife that provides ultimate safety also then this is the best option one can opt for. This comes with four sheaths that are precisely fit over each knife.

This can prevent you from any accident and mishappenings while cutting. It has a set of different knives that comes in different sizes. From ultimate safety one should use their respective sheaths when not in use.

These knives are quite lightweight and the ergonomic design makes it quite lighter than the traditional ones. These knives are 50% lighter than the traditional ones.

With the ergonomic design and arched handle, one gets a good grip while performing some of the important chores that generally include cutting.

It comprises of nine reactive blades that restrain any reaction with oil and acids. These knives are well suited for slicing vegetables, bread, and boneless meat.

The rustproof and stain-resistant attributes are the USP of these knives that also helps to prevent the smell and doesn’t absorb any food elements.

The material used for manufacturing is the top class zirconia that is hard enough. These knives are substantially hard than the other traditional knives.

This versatile combo of different sizes of knives makes your cutlery set efficient enough. This set includes a six-inch chef’s knife, a five-inch utility knife, a four-inch fruit knife, and a top-notch paring knife (3-inches). All of them are equipped with smooth edges.

What we like:

  • Excellent grip and control
  • Resistant to oils and acids
  • Harder material
  • Multi-colored set comprising of white blades

Best Ceramic Knives Buying guide

When it comes to buying cutleries people often get confused about the attributes they look for. The same goes for sharpness others prefer a good grip while there are people who only lure by the aesthetics.

The idea of using ceramic knives is new and often people have no idea what to look for. Here we are providing a buying guide that helps to narrow done your choices. These are the following attributes that will help you to select a good one:


This is one of the mandatory attributes one should look for. A good ceramic knife should contain a finger guard as the sharpness of these are quite good.

With mere negligence, it can harm you substantially. The finger guard helps to remove the supposition and the handle provides a good grip while cutting and chopping.

Hygiene standards

Two of the most prevalent standards that should be followed by any ceramic knife is the BPA free and FDA approved. These standards are the quality checks that approves the utensils to be of top-class and also accurate for food usage.

When it comes to knife the rust and corrosion withdrawals on the food causes disease, so while choosing one keep these two standards in your mind.


Ceramic knives are generally manufactured by zirconia that is one of the suitable materials for these knives. This provides longevity and minimum stress of sharpening as compared to the regular or traditional knives.

Always look for some of the best grade material for your ceramic knives that provide durability as well as last longing use.

Above are some of the best in class ceramic knives set that provides all the features needed for the good and rugged knife. There are different attributes related to a ceramic knife that makes them a piece of good equipment for your kitchen.

With the sharp edges and innovative design, you will always get effective chopping and cutting experience. Apart from these features one of the most important factors is safety.

Some of the knives come with a finger guard and special contour that helps to minimize the risk associated while slicing or cutting. With these best in class knives, one can complete their cutlery set. This will provide an arranged look for your kitchen set.

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