Brewer’s Yeast Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are decadent but they’re also filled with all things good for you: brown rice, whole wheat, wheat germ and brewer’s yeast. I have been trying to include more brewer’s yeast in my diet for extra protein and B-vitamins, and since it is a little bitter, I have found it to work best in sweet baked goods where it is most of the time not noticeable at all.

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Cucumber Salad with Radishes, Apricots & Feta

This salad is incredibly refreshing. I love its colors and flavors. They make me smile. Try it; I think you’ll love it too.

I hope you’re enjoying the summer, my friends!



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Apricot & Almond Gratin

I have seen apricots for sale for the first time this year about a week ago and even though I haven’t yet bought any I was reminded to post this recipe I’ve had for a while. Apricots, like peaches and other stone fruit, lend themselves to being cooked. The baking process concentrates the sweetness, but the sweeter and riper the fruit at the start the better for this recipe! I’ve made this gratin quite a few times and I’ve learned (the hard way) that the ripeness of the fruit really makes a difference.

Ah the smell of fruit and almonds being baked together…so heavenly! Along with clafoutis and flan, this is one of my favorite ways to simply enjoy summer fruit.

P.S. I have made it with pears in early spring and they too paired really well with almonds.

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Fish Ball and Carrot Tagine

The fish is ground, seasoned with spices, shaped into balls and cooked in garlicky tomato sauce. I make it this way every now and then for my family, and it is one of their favorite fish dishes. The carrots lightly sweeten the sauce and complement the fish really well. Enjoy it over a bed couscous, if you can.

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Marrakesh 2014

We spent spring break in Morocco this year. The weather was slightly on the cool side but gorgeous. It smelled like orange blossoms everywhere. It  was a joy being outside! It was John’s first trip there so I have done a lot of walking and monument touring with him. We did the ubiquitous horse and carriage ride, toured the medina, threaded our way through narrow souks, and visited old mosques and palaces in ruins.

It was fun doing the tourist thing. I even got us lost a couple of times in true tourist fashion, and had to ask for directions to places I had been to dozens of times. We took a lot of photos and videos. I have looked at them everyday since our return. I hope you enjoy them too.

Happy weekend!

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Tagine with Peas, Artichokes & Fennel

Pea tagine is one of my family’s favorites. Peas and artichokes are a classic combination in Moroccan cooking. Other vegetables sometimes accompany the inseparable duo in a sauce of ginger, turmeric and coriander — I like to add fennel and preserved lemons to the feast of flavors.

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Moroccan Spice-Rubbed Flank Steak

This may qualify as the easiest dinner recipe in the world. A quick Moroccan-inspired spice rub yields a flavorful juicy steak. The recipe includes grilled vegetables too. Be sure to make them alongside. They go well together. The whole dinner is ready in less than thirty minutes.

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Merguez Recipe

Hello all. I hope you’ve enjoyed a fabulous holiday season with loved ones. I hope 2014 brings you much peace and love. Please know it’s forever an honor to share recipes with you in this little space.

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Moroccan Orange Salad with Red Onions and Olives


Most produce is available year-round nowadays which makes it hard at times to know what’s in season and what isn’t without doing some research. Sometimes I just look at the quality and forget about everything else. Perhaps I should frequent farmers’ markets more often.

But when oranges are in season, it’s kind of hard to miss that in Florida. They’re plentiful and available in so many varieties. Right now they are so sweet and juicy. You’ll want to slice them, chop them, can them, juice them. Chances are
you’ll also want to make a gorgeous salad with them.

I like my oranges in a salad. I have posted a few orange salads in the past that you might want to check out as well (links provided below this recipe) but I love the olives in this salad. I think they go super well and look super beautiful with citrus. Add some Moro oranges, when available, and this salad will look even more bejeweled.

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Brown Rice Banana Chocolate Chip Cake

We celebrated Baby’s Big Boy’s first birthday last week. The celebration involved some logistics: a trip out of town, the packing of an unfrosted baked cake, a pack’n'play, a swing, two bags of baby food, a bottle warmer and a ton of other stuff. It takes a lot of planning to get away for a few days with this little rascal. Good thing he’s cute; it makes it all worthwhile.

We frosted the cake shortly after our arrival, added a sparkler in the middle, and bam…it was decked out for the occasion! The frosting was hastily done but the cake was very tasty. I’m never disappointed when I mix ripe bananas and chocolate. The result is always moist and fragrant.

Most importantly we had a wonderful time with family and some tender moments with James as he experienced a lot of firsts: first lick of frosting (with a grimace), first candle, first birthday song, first presents. We took a lot of pictures.

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