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Who says vegetarian food cannot as lip-smacking as non-veg food. Let’s put myths aside and treat yourself to some mushroom skewers, eggplant rolls, etc. (there’s something for everyone here)


Is your resolution this year to get that beach-ready body? Or are you looking to bulk up? From salads, soups to even desserts, this section is for the fitness freak in you.


Are you planning to surprise a loved one with a special cake? Or maybe you have guests coming over and need some dessert ideas. Either way, you’ll everything you need here

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Hi People, my name is Jennifer!

And welcome to Dinners And Dreams.

I am a mother of 3, well, 2 amazing kids, and a cute Labrador named Archie.

2 years ago, the blog was more like a diary, a place where I could preserve the recipes and photos and share them with a few friends and family members. 2 years later, I love it and have quit my job as a programmer to run this full-time

When I am not blogging or cooking, you’d find me cuddled up with Archie (yes, he comes first). I love also traveling and if you are wondering, its beaches over mountains.

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